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  1. david hill

    Service bulletins scanned and posted to my webpage

    There is never a case of TOO much technical information.
  2. david hill

    Christmas parade

    Well deserved. Congrats on your award.
  3. david hill

    Fin Friday

    From Friday's cruise-in
  4. david hill

    Fin Friday

    Indy has there fair share of Fin cars
  5. david hill

    Dash had to be redone

    That is high quality finished work. Well done. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  6. david hill

    This showed up at the last Car Show

    This Plymouth looks even better in person
  7. david hill

    Forward Look dealer display

    Excellent score. A Mecum quality find. Well done.
  8. david hill

    Whats behind that barn door??

    Well maybe if you show the willingness to bring this back from the dead, that will give you a chance to buy. I agree w/ promamissle keep in contact, you just might land a real gem in the rough.
  9. david hill

    57 Chrysler 300 vert in Vegas.

    A truly pristine example. A must see the next time I'm there.