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  1. david hill

    Has anyone ever won a car show with their C body?

    I have won several awards w/ my 69 300 convertible. The 300 in the beginning was an ok driver in need of a lot of love. Like many of you my car drew a lot of attention, but not many awards in the beginning. The compliments eased the pain a bit in the beginning. Restoration is not for everyone...
  2. david hill

    Has anyone ever won a car show with their C body?

    I couldn't have said it better. Nuff said.
  3. david hill

    Has anyone ever won a car show with their C body?

    Your effort and pride is well rewarded at the Chicago show. I support that. Not all individuals will understand why, but I do. Well deserved.
  4. david hill

    Engine performance upgrade

    To make this doable first replace the cyl heads w/ a closed chambered pair. this will increase the compression ratio up to approx. 9:00 to 1 compression ratio. A change in camshafts will restore HP and torque that is missing. Duration of about 244/266 w/ valve lift of 440/458 will complement the...
  5. david hill

    Tool C-4113

    Here is an inexpensive tool that well worth the cost. ANY auto parts store w/ a tool rental program should have one.
  6. david hill

    And another question about current values.

    What a bargain price to get a complete c body. That's no ugly step child.
  7. david hill

    Saturday window repair

    If the window motors are dead Dorman Products make replacement window motors. O'Reilly Auto Parts can get them. If you have any problems, PM me and I'll hook you up w/ a source.
  8. david hill

    Doors close with a crash instead of a thunk

    There are few plastic guides that I have found that break down or off over time. Here are a few common ones pictured. Loose outside mirrors are a problem too.
  9. david hill

    The Formal Photo Thread

    My barn find St. Regis.
  10. david hill

    1974 New Yorker Turn signals

    Thank you,does anyone knows where I can get a free pdf factory service manual. just planning ahead.
  11. david hill

    1974 New Yorker Turn signals

    Can anyone provide me w/ a wiring diagram or link for my 1974 New Yorker. Lost oper. to the right front fender.
  12. david hill

    1974 New Yorker steering column w/ tilt

    Had a oops moment today. Found this when diag. an intermittent horn oper. Does any members have or know where I can get plastic insulator that snaps over the steering wheel lock ring. This steering column has tilt w/ telescopic steering wheel w/ rim blow. I can also us a wiring diagram Thanks.
  13. david hill

    1974 New Yorker 2dr.

    I think I heard here before that Fastenal does reasonable shipping.
  14. david hill

    1974 New Yorker 2dr.

    Maybe one of our members to know who this is can leave me a post so I know who to contact that would sure be appreciated for my end
  15. david hill

    1974 New Yorker 2dr.

    Finding donor fenders for both front fenders this been going to be the hardest part nothing to apologize for I'm good
  16. david hill

    1974 New Yorker 2dr.

    That is the remains of a radio w/ usb port install.
  17. david hill

    1974 New Yorker 2dr.

    do you have any tips on how to remove the molding surrounding both doors
  18. david hill

    1974 New Yorker 2dr.

    Have decided to begin the restore of my 1974 New Yorker. Bought last summer, was on its way to be crushed. Body is in pretty good condition w/ the exception of some rust through of both front fenders in the exact same spot. Have confirmed the body was undercoated early in its life. Inspection...
  19. david hill

    Gonna strip some parts of NYB today.

    Does it have ATC II, Please post pics