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  1. david hill

    1972 Chrysler New Yorker Wiring Diagram

    I am in need of a comprehensive wiring diagram for manual A/C heater and blower controls. The diagram available through @ is of block style only. Currently this A/C system is missing vital power to the dash controls. I need info on the location of supporting relays or fuseable links...
  2. david hill

    Bleed wires

    I am currently working on a manual A/C system that utilizes bleed wires as a part of the defrost, vent and heat distribution. If missing can you still purchase them or is there an alternative repair to restore operation.
  3. david hill

    1969 Temp Control Knob

    I am in search of a control knob for my temp control lever. Should say warmer on it. I am in the process of converting from auto temp A/C to manual A/C. Would prefer in good condition if possible. Thanks.
  4. david hill

    1969 Chrysler 300 heater box gaskets

    While repairing the fiberglass pivots in my heater box I noticed that the replacement gasket from the heater box to the firewall was not the same as the original. As you see in the photos there is quite a difference on the driver side portion of the gasket. Is this an missed shipped item. If so...