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  1. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    The infamous 4-spd 76 New Yorker. Ask me anything.

    I can foresee a fair bit of travel in my future once this **** storm clears
  2. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    The infamous 4-spd 76 New Yorker. Ask me anything.

    Two things Stan, one, I need to at some point visit you. Two, I really need to pick your brain about 440s. I just dropped my 73 Winnie 440 block off at the machine shop I use.... I also should pick your brain about 4 speed linkages.. Nick
  3. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    318-2 in Formal C-Bodies

    There was forsale at Moparfest 2 or 3 years ago, a 74 Fury III, with 318, don't recall if it had air though, but being Canadian there's a damn good chance it didn't. I may have pictures of it, it had 69 wheel covers on it. Nick
  4. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    Auto Glass Company

    According to my co-workers cousin who own's his own glass shop and has been in the auto glass business for 25 years, make sure you do it when it a hot day, it'll soften up the goo, I broke one windshield and learned this the hardway. Nick
  5. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    got the road wheels on

    Car doesn't fit in frame, its too big!
  6. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    May have found the triple black RM I want!!!

    Now that is a Formal that I'd love to have! The slots set it off Nicely!
  7. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    77 New Yorker Sarasota Fl 36k miles?

    If it had 4 doors I'd wonder where Lahey was.
  8. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    When you run out of ways to pimp your NYB

    I took a picture of that car at Moparfest, doesn't really bother me...................but I'm no Formal guy. Nick
  9. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    I need a crash course on Formals

    Stan that's what I'm working on with the guy, I don't want to pay more than $1000 if I can help it, it's rough, and I know of two others I can get for another $500 that are in much better condition. Nick
  10. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    I need a crash course on Formals

    Some photo's as promised, I found out a bit more, it's a '78 NYB St. Regis Coupe with a 440 & A/C Nick
  11. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    HP manifolds...

    Yeah I saw that one and thought the same thing, it really didn't have any appeal other than the Vehicle it's self. I like your shirts better. Nick
  12. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    HP manifolds...

    Hmmm, I may need to do some promoting then, I'd love to see one of a '69 Fury, regardless of body type or trim. Nick
  13. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    HP manifolds...

    I think C body anything and that expression go together, but thats not why we do it ;) Tank you Again for having the beautiful shirts made! Nick
  14. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    I need a crash course on Formals

    I can't take credit for it a friend thought of it, he and I were having a beer and they were sitting in his driveway, he asked whether I was going to paint the centers body color or not. Nick
  15. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    I need a crash course on Formals

    I'll check it out again and get some photos of it with my digital. I'm thinking it might be a better parts car. I offered $400 (I want the roadwheels) Nick
  16. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    I need a crash course on Formals

    Started looking at one, it needs love, it's like my poor Fury was when I started but it's complete, it's a 2dr, it's a Big Block and it's a neat color combo..............and I can wrangle it up cheap...........oh and it's wearing road wheels. I need to get a cable for my phone or take my real...
  17. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    Anyone seen a bug guard like this on a formal NY'er?

    Hmm the paper towel I have in my truck is about as good as the toilet paper in public washrooms and government guys know the need half the roll to keep from poking through. Nick