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  1. david hill

    Road Wheel Paint

    I used duct tape prior to prepping for paint to protect the chrome finish. Doing that gives a better overall appearance. Choice off paint was extreme heat Rust-Oleum Paint silver and Rust-Oleum Matte Black for the rims. What us see below was applied in 2017. Very durable.
  2. david hill

    Single stage vs base clear: Persian white

    From my own experience base clear coat is far more durable in the real world. I think seeing random cars done in both BB and single stage would be time well spent.
  3. david hill

    Source for Vinyl top 1972 Chrysler Newport Sedan

    Try SMS Auto Fabrics You will need to know the type of vinyl grain as well as the color. Here below is an example of the quality representative material you will need.
  4. david hill

    Tire pictures please

    It's narrow WSW for me.
  5. david hill

    1970 Convertible Body Trim

    When I painted my 69 300 convertible 3 years ago I ran into some of the problems you have. First invest in some trim removal tools from Harbor Freight. To remove the stainless steel trim across the hood get a 3" wide steel paint scraper and a dead blow hammer. Slip the scraper blade under the...
  6. david hill

    Custom Plating Specialist

    I have used Tri-City Plating. Very good results. bluefury361 is right the only place to go. Check the photos.
  7. david hill

    3 Speed Wiper motor Repair

    Thanks for the link Jeff. Everything I need to know is in this thread link. I can't thank you enough for this info. Looking forward to you post.
  8. david hill

    3 Speed Wiper motor Repair

    If you could do that it would be a great help. The clocking and reassembly Info would be a great help. Thanks
  9. david hill

    3 Speed Wiper motor Repair

    Has anyone done a 3 spd wiper mtr rebuild. Are parts readily available and from where. Factory service manual doesn't address this. Thanks.
  10. david hill

    1969 300 Stripes

    The dimensions on my 300 were bottom strip width .230, middle & top strip width .136. Space in between is .2.00. This was from reference photo 1. In photo 2 is the strips I installed in 2017w/ the following dimensions. Bottom stripe width .250. middle stripe .137 & top stripe .117.
  11. david hill

    1969 Chrysler 300 Covertible top replacement

    I am looking for a replacement convertible top for my 1969 Chrysler 300. I have found only 2 top suppliers so far. I need some input as what is considered correct replacement material and with good quality. This is my first convertible and so far mechanical condition and oper. has been fine. The...
  12. david hill

    Repairing emblem studs?

    Nice job, well thought out.:thumbsup:
  13. david hill

    300 grill emblem repair & mirror gasket

    How did you get the clear lens off without breaking it. What colors did you use
  14. david hill

    300 grill emblem repair & mirror gasket

    Has anyone ever restored the paint logo on a 1969 300 grill emblem. While removing the outside mirrors one of the mirror fell a part. Contacted DMT was told my tool up for more c body gaskets later this year. Got replies form Classic Industries, year one and other classic car part suppliers...
  15. david hill

    white vinyl cleaner

    I've used this mixed 80/20. It really cleaned my top w/ aid of a stiff plastic bristle brush. Don't spray or get on painted surfaces.
  16. david hill

    Vinyl Top, Windshields in Place

    Type in [window moulding removal- mopar muscle]
  17. david hill

    Vinyl Top, Windshields in Place

    Carmine is right, Will need spl. tools to remove wind. trim. You tube has several posts covering this.
  18. david hill

    1974 Chrysler NewYorker Dr. Side mirror

    That's ok. Send me a pic and total price on mirror w/ payment preference.