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  1. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    The Servprolara

    What did the A35 give you for options?
  2. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    Restoration of my families grocery getter

    Do they plan to paint the top of the firewall with the organisol finish.
  3. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    ISO - 68 Monaco Wagon right front wheel moldings

    I may know where one of these wagons is, I can see whether it has the trim.
  4. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    The Admiral's getting paint.

    Okay time for me to step in as resident C body young guy...............You guys are about 50% of the current car trends, sorry fella's, but you ARE out of touch a BIT, When was the last time you guys rolled with the College car clubs? The Current trends are a mix of 50/50, half the kids if you...
  5. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    Opinions Please

    If the Polara wasn't in AZ I'm sure I could convince my dad to pickup the wagon...........we both need '69 Fusey's. Nick
  6. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    Not A "C" Body but Stan Look At The Wheels.

    I believe that that wagons were Chrysler wagons with the Plymouth Nose. Nick
  7. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    Not A "C" Body but Stan Look At The Wheels.

    Actually it's a Canadian version of the Plymouth Gran Fury you guys had, we still had Diplomats as well. Nick