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  1. Drew Carl

    Let's see some Wagons!

    77 Royal Monaco my great uncle bought new and took many road trips in. I still have the Sears Cargo topper sitting on top of the old 73 T&C collecting dust. Really special car to me. All original all stock other than the Cragers. I also have a 75 T&C with a 440 he had. He loved his 70's wagons...
  2. Drew Carl

    For Sale 1978 New Yorker

    I have one of these in a 4 door hardtop if any one is interested. Very clean, some where around 75-80k. Not in a rush to sell but figured id see if any one is interested.
  3. Drew Carl

    57 D500 wheel help

    Only thing I have left for sale is 78 newport 2 door and 78 New Yorker 4 door. Everything for sale was 78 and newer.
  4. Drew Carl

    57 D500 wheel help

    The only car I have in the picture is the 57 Dodge. It was my late great uncles collection. I have been around the cars with him, my grandfather, and another uncle for years. Knowing what was coming years ago I started preparing to be able to purchase them when the time came for them to get a...
  5. Drew Carl

    57 D500 wheel help

    Hoping some one knows some info on date coding 1957 Dodge wheels. I bought a collection of Mopars including a 1957 D500 but I am pretty sure the original wheels are on another car in the collection. That car is going to be sold and I want to be sure I get the correct wheels for the Dodge before...
  6. Drew Carl

    1957 Dodge Custom Royal Convertible D-500 At BAT

    It's a beauty for sure. But I would be afraid of what all else is wrong. At least if you buy it you can pull the other D500 emblem off and get $500 for it. And please remove the continental kit too.
  7. Drew Carl

    1957 Dodge Custom Royal Convertible D-500 At BAT

    That car up for auction should not have dual badges and it does not have the proper spinner hubcaps for a D500. Is there any 57 Dodge owners on this forum? I just joined and am looking for some info. It seems this is the only forum out there for the forward look Mopars.
  8. Drew Carl

    Introduction of Drew Carl

    I have a collection of Mopars from 1948-1978. Just looking to learn something. Location: Pennsylvania