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  1. anonymous_1

    66 Fury Center Counsel location

    Yeah thanks! In the moment when I realized that I didn't know where it needed to be and posting this thread I was over thinking it. I really just wanted a close ballpark so I didn't have to assemble my whole interior to figure out where was a good place, haha. I've got a good idea now. Now I...
  2. anonymous_1

    66 Fury Center Counsel location

    Thanks. If you've got time to take a couple pictures of the placement of the rear mount that would be great, especially like the distance from the drivers door pinch weld to the mount. I found a car today in person and took a couple photos, I think I've got enough to make an educated guess now...
  3. anonymous_1

    66 Fury Center Counsel location

    Thank you. Great looking car too.
  4. anonymous_1

    66 Fury Center Counsel location

    Thanks, I do have the manual but the counsel doesn't look like mine. Thanks though!
  5. anonymous_1

    66 Fury Center Counsel location

    Hello all, I've got a 66 Fury III and it came with a center concert that I'm planning on installing in the car. Today I sat down to make mounts so I can bolt it down since I don't have any. But I'm really having a hard time figuring out where the counsel should go. It doesn't seem to meet up...
  6. anonymous_1

    Welcome suicideaxle to FCBO!

    Welcome. I live in Walnut Illinois, not to far away. I'm working on getting my 66 Fury III on the road too.
  7. anonymous_1

    Headman headers

    So for clarification, would the Hedman 78030 hedders be what you're talking about? I really want to run long tubes on my 66 Fury with a 440 but my budget is beating me up too bad to afford C body specific headers. Thanks for any help.
  8. anonymous_1

    6 Quart oil pan

    So then I wonder if the A body oil pan power package would work on my C body. It's got the oil pump, gaskets, bolts, windage tray and all for $300. Seems like a great deal. The pan looks like it has the indent for the tie rods.
  9. anonymous_1

    Welcome anonymous_1 to FCBO!

    Recently tried Illinois Army National Guard. Purchased a 66 Fury III in the fall of 2020. Starting the rebuild now. Location: Illinois