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  1. Snotty

    Name that girl

    Elizabeth Taylor was easy! As for Margot Robbie, if you haven't seen her in the film I shared below, you might want to; she's gorgeous in it!! Rachal McAdams isn't bad either! About Time (2013) ⭐ 7.8 | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
  2. Snotty

    How many 1970 300 convertibles are left in the USA?

    Agreed. Whenever I read someone's ad for their car and they state, "Only XX left in the US," I always wonder where they got such information.
  3. Snotty

    WANTED heater valve

    You're asking about the valve that's in the upper left corner of this picture? I think I may have one; will need to look.
  4. Snotty

    Name that girl

    I could say the latest but I might be barr - bied. YUK YUK!
  5. Snotty

    Name that girl

    That was enough. I really like her in One Fine Day. Good comedy with George Clooney.
  6. Snotty

    AMC Gremlin

    You'd be better off finding a Jeep 4.0 and installing it. Better performance all around and bolts right up.
  7. Snotty

    Heavy Metal

    My original comment and link is still there; all that followed are gone.
  8. Snotty

    Heavy Metal

    What happened to all the other posts about the Jeremiah O'Brien? Why are they gone?
  9. Snotty

    For Sale 1960-66 Chrysler 300 or Imperial Chrome Remote Mirror

    Just in case, and not trying to steal, but I have a matching passenger side mirror. It does not have the rubber base.
  10. Snotty

    Nose Art

    Is that Harrison Ford in the B-24? I knew he was old, and a pilot, but sheesh, that long ago? :lol:
  11. Snotty

    Heavy Metal

    Was by there a few months ago; not much left today. Having grown up in Sacramento, whenever we drove to San Francesco, I always looked forward to going by there to see what's still there. The Jeremiah O'Brien was found there. The last, unaltered Victory Ship in the world. It became a...
  12. Snotty

    Has anyone ever won a car show with their C body?

    Not related to the subject, but, at that same show was this beautiful Hog!!
  13. Snotty

    Has anyone ever won a car show with their C body?

    The following pictures ae from a show in 2010, at a restaurant in Bakersfield, the Chuy's Rods and Rides Show. I had y car parked next to my son's Gremlin and my Buddy's over-the top custom '68 Barracuda. The Grem had been on the road for less than two months, and the Plymouth was for sale for...
  14. Snotty

    Fender skirts

    I think so, but I am not an authority on those.
  15. Snotty

    NOT MINE 1970 Chrysler 300 convertible in CA - again on eBay

    The two of you are not the only ones who have commented on this thread. Let's just say we disagree and move on.
  16. Snotty

    Heavy Metal

    And the producers did not want Russell Crowe or Guy Pierce. Two unknown (at the time) Australians??? I think they were both good.
  17. Snotty

    Heavy Metal

    I have never thought of anything by her. (And I couldn't tell you a single thing she has done.) When I think of "wrecking ball," I think of this:
  18. Snotty

    NOT MINE 1970 Chrysler 300 convertible in CA - again on eBay

    E Bodies go for 80 grand or higher in good condition; B Bodies 60 or more. But a guy asks 20 for a C Body and he's slammed, and by other C Body owners? There's something wrong with that picture. I wasn't saying I expect Cs to get the same values, but to call a guy crazy because he would like...
  19. Snotty

    I'm thinking about getting a vintage trailer!

    Was quite a while back, but I saw them build one for a car at Fresno U-Haul not a month ago.
  20. Snotty

    Welcome, jowst10

    Chino; I was in Chico. Common mistake, but a State apart. Chino is So Cal, Chico Nor Cal. Even so, thanks. However, we moved to Fresno at the end of June. I'm now Central Cal. :D