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  1. BigWally

    New purchase 1968 NewYorker TNT

    Wow, gorgeous. congratulations and good luck! Also...loved the photo of the two cars side by side in the garage. No C body should spend it's life alone.
  2. BigWally

    comments welcomed - Does this sound right or am I making a mistake ? 65 Polara 2 door

    I think this is the best course of action. Fix both cars! Go Baby! Also check out Guzzi Fabrication on Y/T, he knows hiz bananas
  3. BigWally

    I made a couple of Imperial commercials.

    Well bravo! I loved this, loved the concept, and loved the execution! Thanks, it made my day.
  4. BigWally

    Back from the Dead... 1968 Fury II Custom Suburban Wagon

    Very nice wagon there! And I believe those are period correct bumper stickers.
  5. BigWally

    Can't Help Myself...Had to Buy It

    Fix that interior, and get it running and roll baby roll! BTW, I'll be spending the rest of my weekend bottling my mind.....luv it