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  1. Joseph Bisinger

    For Sale 1968 Chrysler 300 4 door parts car

    And do you have the title
  2. Joseph Bisinger

    383 compression ratio

    I have a 1965 383 stock dished piston and summit k6400 camshaft with 452 cylinder heads with edlebroke preformer intake manifold. What would be my compression ratio and would it be a dog or not.
  3. Joseph Bisinger

    For Sale 383/727 for sale

    1964 383 mopar and a 1968 727 trans its a package deal. 383 has factory steel crank, dished piston and rods. Summit racing K6400 camshaft,346 cylinder head. With cast iron intake manifold. Really to install. The 727 i dont know anything bout it. THE CARB IS NOT INCLUDED 2,500 obo or possibly trade
  4. Joseph Bisinger

    Welcome Joseph Bisinger to FCBO!

    My name is Joseph Bisinger, I go by Joe. My first car i ever bought was a 1968 300. Location: Westland, Mi