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  1. Mike66Chryslers

    LED lighting for the rear of a ‘65 Chrysler

    Excellent work, they all look great, especially the backup lights. I retrofitted the same style of license plate light onto my Chryslers as you did. I love what you did with the trunk light. I'm sure it works much better than the factory bulb over in the corner of the trunk. Where did you find...
  2. Mike66Chryslers

    Electronic ignition for 67 Newport

    Multi-spark is the Ignitor-3. The Ignitor-2 seems more like HEI. I presume it has an internal current regulator like HEI if it can safely get rid of the ballast resistor in all applications.
  3. Mike66Chryslers

    Electronic ignition for 67 Newport

    I recommend spending a bit more and getting the Pertronix Ignitor-2 instead of the original Ignitor. It has current limiting so you can remove the ballast resistor, and shutdown protection in case you leave the key ON without the engine running for an extended period.
  4. Mike66Chryslers

    Alternator blues.

    I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned this yet. If you find a newer-style alternator that has 2 field terminals, just ground one of them to the case and connect your field wire to the other one.
  5. Mike66Chryslers

    Woodward dream cruise and Moparfest.

    I will have both my '66 Chryslers at Moparfest on Saturday. I attend every year. My brother will have his white '66 NYer Town Sedan there too. This was part of our club line-up from last year. The "Mopar MadMen".
  6. Mike66Chryslers

    NOT MINE 1966 Chrysler newport $11,000

    Where was this car 10 years ago? I could've bought this and saved myself 8 years and a bazillion dollars restoring mine! :rofl:
  7. Mike66Chryslers

    Installing small front of window guides in 1966 Monaco 500 - help!

    I made a how-to on installing the window sliders on the front edge of the window. It's a photo album on my FB account. It is public so hopefully you can view it even if you don't have a FB account. While you have the window out...
  8. Mike66Chryslers

    Performance indicator swap

    I bought an aftermarket tach and swapped it into the housing. I had to fabricate a bit of bracketry to hold the tach mechanism in place. That was over 20 years ago and I can't find any pics of what I did, but it's definitely doable. :)
  9. Mike66Chryslers

    How Detroit Muscle Technologies (DMT) treats their customers...

    Wow, that is surprising. I had a similar situation in needing reverse light lens gaskets and door handle gaskets for a 1966 Chrysler. I had a CAD file for the door handle gaskets. I had already contacted a couple local shops that specialize in that kind of work but they brushed me off. I...
  10. Mike66Chryslers

    '66 300 Rag Joint. "am I the crazy one?"

    I doubt that the metal shield over the rubber steering coupler was to prevent it from gravel or other road debris. that is the first I ever heard of that idea. In 1966 the shield is mostly above the coupler, not below it, where gravel kicked up off the road would come from. It wasn't until later...
  11. Mike66Chryslers

    Mini starter installation

    My mini starter developed a slow start when hot problem. I thought it had gotten baked from header heat. So I removed the starter and discovered that the short wire between the solenoid and the main body of the starter had the rubber boot pinched under one side of the ring terminal during...
  12. Mike66Chryslers

    What's the funniest mod you've seen in a while???

    Is that one of them new-fangled "cold air intake" kits?
  13. Mike66Chryslers

    C-Body Wheel and Tire Survey

    I think those are Intro Imperial wheels, or similar.
  14. Mike66Chryslers

    C-Body Wheel and Tire Survey

    That is a Newport :)
  15. Mike66Chryslers

    NOT MINE 1966 Chrysler 300 Convertible - $13,500 - Scotts Valley, California

    There's a similar wrinkle on the drivers front wheel arch, but it's ahead of the wheel. That rust-through on the underside of the trunklid is odd. Could this be from the car living near the ocean for most of its life? I wonder what the undercarriage looks like.
  16. Mike66Chryslers

    What's the funniest mod you've seen in a while???

    I considered "Corvarado", like Corvette + Silverado, but the name is taken. :lol:
  17. Mike66Chryslers

    Fin Friday

    So THAT's where they've all gone!
  18. Mike66Chryslers


    I see my brother came back on Sunday after all. His white '66 NYer Town was in the background of a couple of your pictures. Due to the weather forecast, Saturday was definitely THE day to attend Moparfest this year. I'll post more pics once I download them from my DSLR memory card.
  19. Mike66Chryslers

    Mike66Chryslers pics from Carlisle 2022

    And finally some vans and other miscellaneous.