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    Loosing brake fluid

    This past year I had a garage upgrade the manual drum brakes to power drum brakes on my 67 Dodge Polara. I don’t drive it much so sometime within a couple hundred miles and a years time I noticed the pedal going further down and loss of braking. Took the MC cover off and the rear reservoir was...
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    Tire choices

    Bought new by my grandfather, then to my dad in early 90’s, to me in 2018. 383 4-barrel, A/C, & PS. Just upgraded to PB, sooo much better.
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    Tire choices

    Looks great!
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    Tire choices

    Thanks Jeff! David Thanks for that info!
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    Tire choices

    That’s what I thought. My dad, who had the car before me, put 205/75’s on it and they sure look skimpy! Are they adequate for light loads? I’ve been looking at 215 Hankook’s as a replacement. I really want to keep the original hub caps - will they interchange/fit on factory 15 inch rims?
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    Tire choices

    I want to keep the 14 inch wheels on my 67 Polara but can’t find narrow WW tires bigger than 215/75. I’d like 225 or even 235. But I don’t want to go wide white wall $250 Cokers.
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    Going to part out a 67 newport Sunday, what's worth grabbing?

    I'm looking for PB brake parts to upgrade my 67 Polara's non-powered ones.
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    Drum to disc conversion

    Anyone familiar with "theRamManINC". The YouTube shows all Mopar parts conversion using mid 70's b-body factory parts. I have a manual drum brake 67 Polara that I would like to convert to front power disc and retain my 14 inch wheels.
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    Window rubber molding

    Who is a source for the rubber trim on the rear quarter windows. The is is the rubber strip between the front and rear windows on a 2 door 1967 Dodge Polar hardtop. Thanks.
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    Welcome Jupboy to FCBO!

    Looking for C body parts and repair forum Location: Jupiter, Fl