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    For Sale 1970 Plymouth Fury I 4dr sedan $5500

    Ahhh! Sorry to hear about the spun cam bearing. One of my favorite '70 Furys! Wrong timing as usual :(
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    1971 Plymouth Fury I 2dr info

    In 1971, the Fury I (PE21 / PL21 vin) is a fix window 23 roof Fury... no B-pillar. The B-pillar 2dr sedan (Grand Coupe) body style was gone after 1970. These are the cars that Colorado Highway Patrol ran. PL21T1 vins. Notice no window crank..
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    the real 70 GT and S/23 #s

    Definitely not the original 440 in it by the looks of it. Manifolds, valve covers, & air cleaner are all wrong from what I can see. Maybe @ayilar has VIN info of this one?
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    the real 70 GT and S/23 #s

    Have you seen or even heard of one? The TNT 440 was a regular option for Newports yet I know of less of them ('69-'71) then 6bbl GTs and even fewer that actually survived. Of those, none of them are convertibles. The numbers are out there somewhere and eventually we'll find out.
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    the real 70 GT and S/23 #s

    Gonna call it, a '70 (or even a '69) TNT Newport convertible is the rarest orderable C-body. If anyone knows of one existing please let me know!
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    C-Body Holy Grail Restoration Starts Here; 1970 6BBL GT

    You buy it off Tom? Told him that belonged in his display case lol.
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    the real 70 GT and S/23 #s

    Turns the 1 in ~11 probability of of finding a 6bbl GT into a 1 in ~21 chance lol. Crazy how low a percentage take on 6bbls was. There is some literature mentioning the V-code being offered really early on for the '71 model year. Wonder if that was printed before this SG30 report came out?
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    NOT MINE 69 Chrysler 300 At The Rancho Cordova, CA. Pick-N-Pull Wrecking Yard.

    If you go back, can you see if the back window plug is solid?
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    the real 70 GT and S/23 #s

    I think the break down for GTs & S/23s is interesting. This shows us that the PP23 sequence was indeed used internally at Plymouth for 1970 GTs (and PS23 sequence for S/23s) Yet they were all produced having PH23 Sport Fury sequences and wasnt till '71 that the PP23 SFGT VINs were being...
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    the real 70 GT and S/23 #s

    So wheres this report been hiding for the last 50 years? Do you have ones for the other C-bodys?
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    NOT MINE 2 Fuselage Imperial Limousines.

    This is something Jay Leno needs!
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    NOT MINE 1970 Fury GT

    Firewall, dash & core support are different for AC cars (along with tinted glass standard) if you want the OEM look. Aftermarket AC setups look wayy out of place. Pretty much adding AC to an already done car is a hack affair. Regardless, non AC cars simply are better (regarding old cars). Less...
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    NOT MINE 1970 Fury GT

    There was a pile of REALLY nice NOS parts (exhaust tips, tail lenses, finish panel, lip moldings, etc) that went with that car when Wyatt sold it.
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    New period correct plate made for my ex=squad

    Have you reached out to @hergfest yet? He should know as WSPs are his specialty.
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    SOLD 1971 Chrysler 300 2dr, factory U-code, project or parts car

    Fack, just what Ive been wanting. Any U-code is worth saving these days.
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    C-Body Holy Grail Restoration Starts Here; 1970 6BBL GT

    Wow thats a beautiful, tough piece to find!
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    Carlisle 2023

    I had a good time as usual (minus the heat & humidity). Got to meet some great people, hanged out with friends, found a lot of great stuff this year.
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    Syracuse Nationals 2023

    Its a real shame the two big North East shows fall on the same weekend. I'd love to attend one of these years but Carlisle always gets the priority due to the swap meet. Hopefully this year Ill finally make it to the Lake George show.
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    The cost of chrome today

    I was going to have both bumpers from the '70 Newport done but Tri City platers quoted $3,000 to do them.... so on the car they stay lol.