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  1. 66Newyorker

    68 Fury 318 - what is this?

    No adjusting of the new pump. There is a push rod that is driven off of the cam that drives the pump. It will more that likely drop down when the pump is removed. Watch a couple of you tube videos if your not sure on how to change it. OH NO Jay Leno! I’ve seen it happen!
  2. 66Newyorker

    68 Fury 318 - what is this?

    That is a mechanical fuel pump. No leaks! Leaks BAD!
  3. 66Newyorker

    Busted 3/8 bolt from trans bellhousing to engine. Fix or forget it?

    The alignment dowels are a must exact tolerance than the bolt holes. Put the five bolts, if you twist off the dowels or break the bell housing you have bigger problems. The broken bolt is either bottomed out or cross threaded.
  4. 66Newyorker

    1966 New Yorker Fuel tank?

    Glad you got the leaks taken care of. Keep an eye on the epoxy repair.
  5. 66Newyorker

    1966 New Yorker Fuel tank?

    There is something wrong with the fit of the filler neck and the tank. The bump in the filler neck should be flush up against the bevel in the grommet. Is the tank fitting up against the trunk floor?
  6. 66Newyorker

    1966 New Yorker Fuel tank?

    You might try pulling the filler neck and grommet and check that area for any debris.
  7. 66Newyorker

    1966 New Yorker Fuel tank?

    The bump should be on the out side of the grommet. Did you check the tank for any debris from the old grommet before installing the new one? Is the filler neck strap screwed back in place in the trunk?
  8. 66Newyorker

    .020 steel head gasket question...440

    I did find this note in a 1972 Motors manual. The FSM says to use MoPar #1057794 or equivalent. So maybe Indian Head Shellac. Permatex sells a spray on copper sealer.
  9. 66Newyorker

    .020 steel head gasket question...440

    This is want I have. With TOP facing up embossing of the gasket is down. If you look between the 2 lower bolt holes you will see a Pentastar, that is the part number stamped on the other side. Part # up embossing up. Still could be a toss up.
  10. 66Newyorker

    .020 steel head gasket question...440

    I have a set of metal head gaskets. I’ll take a picture and post it tomorrow..
  11. 66Newyorker

    Suggestions for distributor, 383 fuel injected

    For a daily driver no need for the MSD. If the distributor is original to your car good chance the bushing are worn and unstable timing. You can get a new unit from Rockauto, 1974 400 engine or halifaxhops could put one together for you from a core. For the ignition module I like the FBO kit...
  12. 66Newyorker

    Wiped cam on break-in

    Cam-shield high zddp assembly paste . Rockauto and Goodsons sell it. When I put my 440 together camshaft and lifters cam with the rebuild kit. White box cam and lifters. Lubed the crap out of the lifters added zddp to the oil. Been running good since with Lucas Hot Rod and Classic oil. Good luck!
  13. 66Newyorker

    No Oil Pressure In My 300

    Not sure but in 70 did the camshaft gear have nylon coated gear? If this is the case your pickup screen could be clogged. Your pump is fine. Pull the water pump housing and the front cover. Just a thought!
  14. 66Newyorker

    Mobile One Synthetic or Something Else?

    You need a high zinc oil and a zddp assembly paste.,fluid+/+chemical,camshaft+assembly+paste,1001838 I use Lucas Hot Rod and Classic engine oil, they also sell a zinc additive. Best to stay away from oils engineered for modern engines, you’ll wipe out a...
  15. 66Newyorker

    BB rocker arm shaft plug size.

    I wanted to share want I found. If you look at the oiling holes for the rocker arms is off center, the holes toward the valley. The plug size is 5/8”
  16. 66Newyorker

    i should not have installed these two gauges

    There are a couple of things you could do for the oil pressure. Adjustable Oil Pressure Regulator-440 Source You could install this it will allow you to adjust your oil pressure, I installed one on my car works as described,find a high pressure spring or maybe install washers behind the plug...
  17. 66Newyorker

    Engine break in help?

    Make sure you use a high zinc oil like Lucas Classic and Hot Rod or some other oil formulated for a flat lifter engine.
  18. 66Newyorker

    1968 New Yorker New Gas tank wanted

    Rockauto has both tank and sender just need to know number of vents your tank has. About $300.00 plus shipping.
  19. 66Newyorker

    Hoping up my Chrysler

    Check the casting numbers of your cylinder heads the last three numbers. In 67 the 915 small exhaust valve heads 1.60” were used in the 350hp 440s. If this is what you have, when you get your heads done have 1.74” exhaust valves and hardened seats installed. You will have yourself a set of 915...
  20. 66Newyorker

    Strange Custom Rear End

    8.75 rear axle with 3.55 ratio with an automatic transmission. You may need a Dana 60 or custom 9” with a 4 speed. Pinion snubber. Even the Hemis with automatics used a 8.75 rear axle.