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  1. KcImperial

    New from Central West Virginia

    Wow! Posting a burnout video = best introduction post I've ever seen!
  2. KcImperial

    New member , glad to be here.

    Awesome '60 Fury with '62 300 front clip! What's the fender trim from?
  3. KcImperial

    New guy here.

    I like the look of the satin black!
  4. KcImperial

    62 New Yorker....will be the death of me...greetings from California

    Big M should have a hood that fits your car Great guy to deal with and should be fairly close to your location too.
  5. KcImperial

    Greetings, from Kansas

    pm sent
  6. KcImperial

    Greetings, from Kansas

    What part of Kansas are you in? I may be able to recommend an exhaust shop. The complicated part about exhaust on a C body is getting the bends correct on the driver side from manifold past the transmission and around the torsion bar. I've had those 'regular' shops do everything from removing...
  7. KcImperial

    New member, 1966 Chrysler Newport

    Don't sweat it, my eyes were untrained for a long time too. 413/426/440 RB blocks have a machined pad (arrow in pic below) at the front of the intake on the driver's side. This is the quickest/easiest way to spot a 383 vs 440
  8. KcImperial

    New member, 1966 Chrysler Newport

    Welcome! Nicer car! The stance is perfect too! That chrome sure dresses up the engine nice. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that 440 sure looks like a 383.
  9. KcImperial

    New member in Kansas City

    my FL Imperials will get attention just about anywhere, it's nice to finally find a place that appreciates the New Yorker.
  10. KcImperial

    New member in Kansas City

    thank you to everyone for the welcoming!
  11. KcImperial

    New member in Kansas City

    Hello everyone, I've been reading posts here for a few months. It's great to see so many C bodies. I own a 1967 New Yorker 2 dr and a few 1958 Imperials. Don