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  1. PeugFra

    1977 Gran Fury advertisement parody

    This is a howler, from Indieauto: "You can still insist on a full measure of driving comfort, a veritable barge floating down the interstate, effortlessly passing all of the clattering little **** boxes. You have bigger dreams." (Apparently, the board software also finds it funny, because it...
  2. PeugFra

    Did the Mass. State Police drive 1974 Dodges?

    I've been looking around, especially on the State Trooper Plate site, but I can't find a confirmation for 1974 Dodge with the MSP. The reason why I'm asking is the Greenlight model.
  3. PeugFra

    An Exercise in 1974 Mopar Colors

    In the category "So what?" I am trying to get a handle on those brown colors that grace the 1974 Mopars. There are five of them on that year's color chip card: KL8 Dark Moonstone Metallic, Ditzler 2633; #473216 sRGB(71, 50, 22) KT5 Sienna Metallic, Ditzler 2634; #A45C40 sRGB(164, 92, 64) KT9...
  4. PeugFra

    318-2 in Formal C-Bodies

    I know at the time it wasn't the hottest configuration around (and it still isn't), but from 1975 through 1977 you could get a 318-2 engine in your full-size Dodge or Plymouth. And some buyers did. Jeffrey Godshall even mentions the end of the 1974 model year as the start of this practice. Just...
  5. PeugFra

    Formal Styling

    From an Allpar page: " In the Chrysler Design Office (then called Styling Staff), there were “brand” studios: Plymouth Exterior Studio, Dodge Exterior Studio, and a Chrysler and Imperial Exterior Studio. Each was locked, and only the people who belonged in there had a key. ... “Brand” studios...
  6. PeugFra

    1974 RH "remote" outside mirror

    This is a repeat from the "Passenger mirror?" thread, where this post somehow got drowned in a discussion of another type. Maybe somebody recognizes this: My RH outside mirror puzzles me as well. It sits on a 1974 Plymouth Fury III: No mention of it on the fender tag, so it must be an...
  7. PeugFra

    1977 Chryco Sales Codes List

    Below is a complete list of the 1977 Chryco sales codes, as they are found on the back of broadcast sheets. Now we need lists for the other model years, merge them and voilà, your Formal fender tag decoder is served! (See also the comments at the bottom of the list.) 83-100-0140 (Backer) Rev...
  8. PeugFra

    1977 PK41U and PK41P: exhaust set-up

    U-code engines were dual exhaust, P-code engines single, but were there other differences? Did they both have mini-converters? And if U-code engines had mini-converters, did they have only one on the left side, accompanied by a manifold crossover with a heat control valve, or did they have two...
  9. PeugFra

    Canadian Emissions Control

    In the 70s in Canada the introduction of emissions control regulation lagged somewhat behind the US developments. How did this work out for the equipment of C-body cars produced for the Canadian market? Did they come without catalyst and Lean Burn, for instance? And was there a difference...
  10. PeugFra

    1974 VINs from Newark Assembly

    Maybe this is well-known stuff, but I share it anyhow. Looking at 1974 ChryCo cars produced at the Newark Assembly, I noticed a sharp division between C bodies and A bodies: PH41K4F122500 Fury [SPD A16, MDH 102022] PP43M4F123015 Fury PP23M4F125877 Fury PP43M4F125933 Fury PP43M4F128891 Fury...
  11. PeugFra

    C body made in Canada?

    Take a look at this door sticker: Assembled in Newark, DE, according to the VIN, but the sticker still states "MFG BY CHRYSLER CANADA LTD".