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  1. boltupal

    For Sale 72 Imperial 4dr Sunfire yellow w white roof not mine

    Honestly guys he wants double what its worth. At least have a fuel pump put on so it runs. That is IF it runs.
  2. boltupal

    For Sale 1966 Plymouth Fury - Barn Find - $7000 (Encino)

    Its not "rare" . Its a crappy old Olive green 4 door with a truck engine. My grandmother had one , she hated it.
  3. boltupal

    For Sale 1968 Chrysler Imperial Crown Project - $5000

    Looks like a 2500.00 dollar car to me.
  4. boltupal

    For Sale 1958 Imperial Ghia limosine FS MN. Craigs

    Battery charger on the fender.....
  5. boltupal

    For Sale 1969 Imperial 4 Door Hardtop For Sale - Original Title

    Have your son drive it a couple years. All his friends can join him. If he does get into a wreck. He's sure to walk away.
  6. boltupal

    For Sale 1966 Chrysler imperial 440

    It's the right radiator, 66 was the first year for that style.
  7. boltupal

    For Sale 1973 imperial pictures

    I,m going to sit tight on the car for a couple months.
  8. boltupal

    For Sale CL ad; 1967 Chrysler 300 4dr 22 miles, never been titled (Dallas)

    If that car is for real. It should have the factory tires which are date coded.
  9. boltupal

    For Sale 1973 imperial pictures

    I was hanging from a tree.
  10. boltupal

    WANTED now what ?

    I have and offer of 800.00 for engine and tranny. 8 Trak radio is sold, It has a 323 suregrip rearend. Dash pad is good etc
  11. boltupal

    WANTED now what ?

    I wonder if I can get title and a vin tag from one of those demo guys?
  12. boltupal

    WANTED now what ?

    I had heard about this decent 73 imperial for a few years. A friend took me to it.Compete running car solid. Guy said 1500.00 , but he couldn't " find" the title . I gave him half, told him I would give him the rest when he finds the title. I,m never going to get that title or see that guy...
  13. boltupal

    For Sale 73 Imp CL

    I can't hurt to look at it . Where is it at ?
  14. boltupal

    For Sale 73 Imp CL

    It might be an okay driver repair. I do welding fabrication for a living. I can tell the wife that it's for my grandson. Does it run?