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  1. MBar


    72 Fury 360 auto Transmission needs a rebuild. I've also had to epoxy the bottom of the oil pan due to pinhole leaks and now the rear main has a bad leak. Also have some seepage at the front. Option A: pull motor and trans and replace engine gaskets and freeze plugs and seals. I will have a...
  2. MBar

    1968 Newport Carter 2bbl carb.. I rebuilt and now it idles way too fast HELP

    Car was running pretty good but bogging when I stepped on it. I saw the pump was only squirting into the left horn. Gaskets were toast so I did a rebuild. The only snag was when I dis-assembled the StepUp assemby (with the metering rods), there was a piece of seal or gasket stuck on the spring...
  3. MBar

    Correct Placement of Jackstands (Control Arms?)

    The Chassis manual says "at the control arms" I have been putting them at front of frame behind wheel well. I want to do as the manual says but don't know at which point on the control arm..I ant to guess on the outer-most low point... Hmmmmm Any drawing or specific as to where on the arm?
  4. MBar

    1972 Suburban (Plymouth Fury III Wagon) TUNE UP HELP

    My car has the stinckys!! I have the 400 engine with electronic ignition. Since I got it I have struggled with smelly exhaust. I did read the posts and pretty sure my tailpipe is stock angle and my windows are closed. I did changed the valve on the air pump and it seemed to run smoother and...
  5. MBar

    Fumes...yuck...air pump maybe? 72 fury wagon

    I get what seems like exhaust fumes. Back window is closed. Other Windows open or closed doesn't matter. I read the thread on wagon exhaust and mine appears to be correct making a 45 degree to the side and turned down. I inspected the exhaust pipes and muffler and manifold flanges and nothing...
  6. MBar

    1972 Plymouth Fury III power steering gear box

    Mine won't adjust correctly since I changed the was really bad when I tried the wrong parts and it is driveable now but when I try to tap it (even slightly) it seems to be "overpowering" to both sides... Hmmm...anyhow, I found a used one on Craigslist and he includes the following...
  7. MBar

    TF 727 "How To" shift lever seal replacement

    With help and encouragement from several members, I was able to replace the seal without dropping the pan. I had a trans fluid leak that created a puddle under the car. After cleaning and inspecting, I determined it was the shift lever seal.. I ordered the seal and tool kit but was dreading...
  8. MBar

    1972 Plymouth Fury III. Power Steering valve body O-rings

    Pulled the valve body from the steering box to replace the o-rings.. I had bought the assortment pack from Harbor Freight. The larger O-ring was a good match but the two smaller ones didn't have a match there.. I tried some that fit but seemed too thin, though they extended a small amount above...
  9. MBar

    1972 Plymouth Fury III - Transmission leaks from shift lever

    Found a puddle under the car... cleaned up and it looks like where the shift lever goes into the transmission on the driver side... I googled and found this on ----------------------------------------------- ""Take the kickdown and selector lever off the trans (both...
  10. MBar

    1968 Newport 383 2V Tune up Specs?

    Not knowing any better and pre-forum, I had set timing to TDC. Seemed to run fine. have a few hundred miles since then and now it's missing a bit and real soft backfire when cruising and I let off the gas. This morning I found a "maybe" loose plug wire (driver rear) but I figure I want to get...
  11. MBar

    1972 Fury III Fuel tank pressurizes when I drive

    Had just got the car running and only put 2 or 3 gallons while I worked on things...she ran out of gas. No surprise but when I went to add more from my gas can, the tank "popped" when I released the cap. Added a couple gallons and drove it to the gas station and it popped again when I removed...
  12. MBar

    Band adjustmen... Can't find 8 point socket.. substitute?

    Trying to do a band adjustment TF 727.. best I can tell I need an 8 point socket.. is it 1/4 and the other 5/16? Can't find one to buy... Is there an alternate way? What about using a wrench? Help
  13. MBar

    1972 Fury III ... closer to roadworthy.. now for the Transmission

    Well Fellas, I was about to pull the carb but decided to tinker a little bit first..wouldn't be cool to do it and not fix the problem... The good news: I adjusted the idle screws and it idles pretty decent now. Still hesitates when I step on it and shuts off sometimes but it ran well enough to...
  14. MBar

    72 Fury III - She Lives!! Drives and Stops .. Carb and vacuum Questions

    After a month of love (and patience!), I finally was able to start the car. Hasn't run since '98 and I took a chance.... (water pump, timing chain, fuel tank, brakes...) and it was so sweet to hear the engine run. Seems like it's going to be pretty decent. Soooo. having sat for 20 years it...
  15. MBar

    72 Fury power steering pump crooked

    This car is fighting me every step of the way.. but I'm winning every battle. I took the ps pump brackets off to clean. Pretty sure I got it right but I'm not 100 percent on the rear nuts... I tried to pry the pulley off until I saw I was bending it... got that straightened out (pun intended) so...
  16. MBar

    Timing cover install with engine in car and oil pan on HELP

    I am replacing the timing chain and ready to re-assemble the cover... I have been advised to loosen the oil pan bolts in order to lower the pan enough to get the lower rubber seal on. I loosened all the bolts but the oil pan won't just drop. I tried prying it but fear bending the oil pan where I...
  17. MBar

    72 Fury 360 timing cover questions

    I am ready to re-assemble. I should know better but thought I would remember... The order of parts on the crankshaft... Timing gear, then Slinger with flat part toward gear Felt-like ring Is this correct? Also, that slinger looks awful close to the chain. Is that normal? Finally, there were...
  18. MBar

    72 Fury III 4dr Got my mojo back! Wrenching again...and I have QUESTIONS

    Got the car last weekend... best I can tell it's been maybe 19 years since it ran. I am trying to get it running and stopping so I can move it around. BRAKES So far, I replaced the master cylinder and the brakes bled fine. If this car runs, I will redo all the cylinders in the future but for...