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  1. PeugFra

    Cookie Consent

    I get a dialogue to consent to cookies on every single page I open on the site. Once for the whole site should be enough, I'd say. I get this behaviour with Apple OS+Safari and Windows+Firefox. Also happens when I open the same page several times during one single session.
  2. PeugFra

    Exclusive Plymouth Dealers

    Common internet knowledge has it that Plymouth-only dealerships were a rare sight. Here's a quote from a recent online publication at Allpar: "With the resurgence of Plymouth in 1957, some experimental Plymouth-only stores were set up, scattered around the country, perhaps four or five of them...
  3. PeugFra

    Dealership Badge Dating

    This dealership badge is for a Buick dealership, but it still has my interest. At a certain point they interacted with "my" Mopar dealership, Slate Motor Co., in buying their GMC license: "The original Patterson Dealership was founded in 1969 by Richard L. Patterson Sr. as Patterson Buick/Opel...
  4. PeugFra

    Wyoming Ave plant

    At Allpar there is a nice write-up on the Chrysler Wyoming Ave plant, with text and pictures of our member @Bill Watson. And in a thread of some years ago he mentioned that this plant was used to prepare CKD kits for C-body export: That quote is from a discussion on 1971 Polara production...
  5. PeugFra

    What killed Plymouth's Formal?

    Among the low-end full-size offerings, Plymouth took the severest beating during the Seventies. Just look how its market share dropped between 1973 and 1977: 1973: 12,26% 1974: 9,58% 1975: 8,64% 1976: 3,46% 1977: 3,19% (For this comparison, the total market consists, besides (Gran) Fury...
  6. PeugFra

    Bananarama with Mopar(s)

    Maybe some of you guys already know this 1984 music video by Bananarama: Apart from the 1977-78 Fury cop car in the second half I think there are more Mopars in this clip, but their appearance is too short for me to pin them down. Nice feel-good music and the girls are portrayed as normal...
  7. PeugFra

    Sense and nonsense of fender tags

    Generally, fender tags show the options on a car, but apparently not all of them. Take the following example: END V1W U H51 L31 L81 M25 KG8 E4G6 000 A24 066758 E63 D34 PP23 M4F 125877 Comparing this to pics of the car one easily notices many more options that the fender tag remains silent...