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  1. Lefty71

    Tire balancing question

    Seeing how they did you, I think the next time I need something balanced, maybe I'd take some pix of the setup, then peel all the weights back off before I took it to them!! Another thing to remember.... you are balancing the wheel and tire obviously. If you broke down the bead and moved the...
  2. Lefty71

    Labor cost for pressing axle bearings??

    I've seen some nasty ones, where you needed the bearing clamp to hold for removal. Pretty scary when they wonder about the integrity of the bearing clamp. But I did all mine, axle and diff with that little press from HF. No problems. I doubt tapered axle makes much difference. I...
  3. Lefty71

    Labor cost for pressing axle bearings??

    I rolled the dice and bought that unit about three-four years ago.... It paid for itself pretty quick... not for hobby stuff, but repairs on modern cars (many bad Ford/Lincoln FWD/AWD wheel bearings) that I would have had to pay a shop big bucks to repair. It has come in handy many times.
  4. Lefty71

    Wheel bearing hub assembly on FRONT!

    John, whats his application on the drums?? If im hearing you right, all those brake/wheel parts are `66 Newport except the drums and studs?? Thx, Lefty71
  5. Lefty71

    Broken Torsion Bar

    Hes gonna need one for the other side too. :poke:
  6. Lefty71

    14" wheels and Wilwood disc swap

    Not a working site. This one?? WHEELS | Wheelsnow
  7. Lefty71

    Tapered axle drum removalbut not the hub

    From what I've read, you'll damage the hubs.... Hard to find for most of us, you better have a spare set on hand if your gonna try it that way. (my two cents). Best to slowly press the studs out, and press the new ones in.
  8. Lefty71

    Tapered axle drum removalbut not the hub

    Here's some info that may help.... Also, there are some write ups regarding this conversion over at FBBO. You may want to search there. For the swedge cutting, I used a tiny holesaw just big enough to slide over the existing studs....didnt have to cut or grind the studs at all otherwise. You...
  9. Lefty71

    1966 300 convertible help!!

    I think you need a proportioning valve, correct for you application. Is this still full manual??
  10. Lefty71

    Stuck brake caliper piston...

    Seems like a perfect opportunity to put that raccoon/possum trap that everybody has laying around to good use. Maybe even throw it in a 5 gallon bucket and just stay clear of the top as you work would be a good safety solution.
  11. Lefty71

    Flying Hubcaps

    :lol::lol::lol: 73Coupe said: ↑ Hubcaps cover just the center part of the wheel, or the hub area. Wheel covers cover that too, plus the rest of the wheel. stubs300 said: ↑ Semantics still. More than semantics. Hub cap wheel cover Things can be groovy without any coverings.....
  12. Lefty71

    New Brake Discs

    Oh, I see. Since there was no "Centric" back in the day tho, I think your still looking at $50.00, since they're still aftermarket, unless you have original Budd? (or Bendix. did Kelsey-Hayes make rotors?) NOS units then the price would go up considerably to the person who relishes them.
  13. Lefty71

    New Brake Discs

    More Information for CENTRIC 12163021 1969 PLYMOUTH FURY 6.3L 383cid V8 Rotor | RockAuto If theres any accuracy to this, id say $44.00. Certainly a different pic and # tho. HTH, Lefty71