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  1. KcImperial

    scarebird disk brake conversion on 1964 880

    No on the Ram hoses. They are kind of weird compared to car hoses. Scarebird will provide part numbers for 3 different length hoses that depend on your specific application (you will have to measure the length you need for you car). I ran new steel lines when I did mine so I could use whichever...
  2. KcImperial

    scarebird disk brake conversion on 1964 880

    I have the same Scarebird setups on one of my '58s. I used the '67 master cylinder as it has a slightly larger bore of 1.125 inch compared to 1.032 inch on the '72 master cylinder. This matched the master cylinder bore for what the calipers used on the Ram trucks.
  3. KcImperial

    Brakes don't wanna brake!

    I would block the lines to the master cylinder and bleed it first to make sure you can get a firm pedal. Suddenly having a spongy pedal and no signs of leaks is usually a bad master cylinder.
  4. KcImperial

    Replacing shocks...any tips?

    I just replaced the shocks on my '68 Newport last month and had to remove that rubber bump stop on the upper control arm. The old shocks still had just enough compression left in them that they wouldn't come out. I simply pushed them back up in the hole and cut off the shaft from the top side...
  5. KcImperial

    1963 Imperial, single pot master cylinder to double conversion?

    I've used the Cardone 10-1323 master cylinder (1967-1970 Chrysler full-size). It's cheap, easy, and locally available at most parts store. It will also clear under Bellows style boosters if you have an older Chrysler or Imperial. The rest of the conversion is as simple as Dan mentioned above.
  6. KcImperial

    Tires: How old is too old?

    That one sat outside for 10 years just fine. It wasn't until I put the car up on stands and crawled under it that that tire suddenly blew out a few inches from my head.
  7. KcImperial

    Tires: How old is too old?

    What's the worst that could happen?? :eusa_think:
  8. KcImperial

    Turned out pretty good..

    I've plumbed a few cars and they've never turned out that nice. Your's look great, congrats!
  9. KcImperial

    I could use your help?

    How solid is the pedal and how low does it go while engine stopped vs. engine running? Is this a new disc brake conversion? Could be an undersized master cylinder
  10. KcImperial

    Brake Master Cylinder leak

    a cracked or missing lid gasket can allow for fluid to spill during sharp turns, braking or acceleration