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  1. KcImperial

    For Sale '68 Newport w/'67 front clip

    My dream has always been to put a '67 New Yorker front clip and tail lights on a Newport convertible.
  2. KcImperial

    For Sale '68 Newport w/'67 front clip

    The "garden hose bandit" strikes again!
  3. KcImperial

    For Sale I guess seeing it in person....

    True, Kansas is rear plate only. This car is listed as being in Smithville which is in Missouri - a 2 plate state. Of course the seller's phone number has a Tennessee area code so who knows?
  4. KcImperial

    For Sale Cool 1960 Luxury Vehicle for the Trumps of that Era

    So two whole days after the auction to pay in full and arrange transport before the seller leaves for Europe for two weeks??? It looks like those rust holes had previously been covered with Bondo (which is now popping off). In my opinion, that entire area looks sculpted and now makes me...
  5. KcImperial

    For Sale For Sale 1958 Chrysler Windsor.

    At that price (even if it has rusty floors) I see this one getting flipped very quick. 57's are bringing triple that in similar condition.
  6. KcImperial

    For Sale 1960 Windsor FS upper WI. craigs

    looks like a heck of a good deal!
  7. KcImperial

    For Sale Why Doesn't This Forward Look Car Sell?

    The problem with 300C's is that even though they are fairly rare, they are commonly for sale. If someone is specifically looking for a 300C, there are usually a couple available on the market to choose from. This one looks like a nice car but in my opinion, it's severely over priced. This...
  8. KcImperial

    For Sale The best GREEN on GREEN combo I have ever seen.........

    I "know of" the person responsible for the restoration and "know of" another person that has ridden in it. Quality of work should meet or exceed what is represented in the photos above. I would buy it if I had the $$$.
  9. KcImperial

    For Sale The best GREEN on GREEN combo I have ever seen.........

    Stunning car and beautifully restored. It's great to see such a rare car still retain a unique color instead of the typical "resale red". I feel the price is very fair in the current market.
  10. KcImperial

    For Sale 1958 Imperial Coupe FS on craigs

    Looks like a solid car. If everything the seller claims checks out, it would be a great deal.
  11. KcImperial

    For Sale 66 300 with 440 in NJ

    Easy way to tell which Mopar engine you have - 1)Is it a big motor? = 440 2)Does it go really fast? = Hemi 3) Do you think the car could be worth a lot of money? = Hemi
  12. KcImperial

    For Sale 1968 Chrysler 300 2dr HT - NV - ebay - $6400 starting auction price

    ^^ That is a very special air breather "nut" I first noticed how far the distributor is rotated Wonder what that spring goes to that's connected to the AC compressor?
  13. KcImperial

    For Sale 1968 Chrysler 300 2dr HT - NV - ebay - $6400 starting auction price

    That's a whole lot of resale red! It looks very nice at first glance but a serious buyer should check out some of the finer details before bidding.
  14. KcImperial

    1948 CROWN IMPERIAL limousine for sale

    Cool car and very rare too! Only 650 of the sedans and 750 of the limos made between 1946-1948.
  15. KcImperial

    For Sale 1957 chrysler new yorker station wagon - $7000

    Your scope is too broad for Forwardlook cars. This is an issue of supply and demand. Supply of this type vehicle is almost zero. The demand from someone wanting to do a full restoration is also almost zero. The shift variable is that this could also be a collection of parts which would have a...
  16. KcImperial

    For Sale 1957 chrysler new yorker station wagon - $7000

    I would almost always agree with what you said, especially with 60's or 70's C bodies. There are 2 problems with your theory on this car : 1) where do you suggest going to find a better condition 1957 New Yorker wagon to buy? 2) anything less than $7K doesn't cover the costs of parts here...
  17. KcImperial

    For Sale 1966 Chrysler Imperial Crown coupe - $2800 (Bristol)

    This seller posted on a Facebook group before he bought it on Saturday, now it's listed for sale on Sunday. He was worried if it was worth the seller's $2,000 asking price but then commented price was negotiable and he was getting it cheaper. It took several people to convince him it was a '66...
  18. KcImperial

    For Sale 1966 Plymouth Fury III 700$

    Those are answers for the 2 most common questions I've seen when selling a similar parts/project car online - "how many miles on it?" and "will it drive across country to get it home?" At least this seller has plenty of honest appearing photos and isn't expecting B-J prices.
  19. KcImperial

    For Sale new yorker, has to be wrong price, indiana

    I took a load of scrap last week and it was only 100/ton. At least this seller is offering it at a very cheap price. Someone should pick it up and drop a motor in it, or make some money parting it out.