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  1. boltupal

    ???? What is it ???

    This was in my boxes of Imperial parts. I dont remember what I pulled it off.
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  3. boltupal

    What are these parts?

    I think they some interior seatbelt sumthin???
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    What the heck is it? part number 2428437

    This was one a bag marked " right remote mirror" .The mirror turns out to be a left.
  5. boltupal

    What are they ?

    I have no idea what these are. But i,m betting someone needs them.
  6. boltupal

    My unique position

    Last year I bought a 1964 Imperial Crown coupe. Its was an old restoration project. I just needed the body. I have about every part for that car in ziplock bags, Every screw, clip bracket lens , nut bolt spring etc. I will be selling it all so I can buy the parts I need to finish my Imperial ...
  7. boltupal

    Glove box door

    Some one was asking me if I had a Glove box door a 64 Imperial coupe. It turns out I do have one all. I dont remember what thread it was on.
  8. boltupal

    What is it?

    Some these restored parts have no or incomplete descriptions. Thanks again for your help.
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    What are these parts ?

    I bought a complete 64 crown coupe restoration project. Ive begun selling off what I dont need. Some parts im just not sure of. Thanks
  10. boltupal

    Wes Miles Sturgeon Country AB

    Do you any of you guys have a way to contact Wes? I have his 1964 Imperial bumper ready to ship. Thanks .
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    Holy Crap!!!

    Guys if you need a good laugh. Check out Ebay Item #132959535624
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    What Year Imperial does this fit.

    Selling off parts so I can buy other parts. Came across a good working wiper motor . I thought it came from a 1965 Imperial ? What else could it fit ? Thanks
  13. boltupal

    1964 -1966 Imperial Bumpers

    Are the 64 thru 66 front and rear bumpers exactly the same? Interchangable ? Thanks
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    Will haul Texas to New York .

    Leaving Texas about Nov. 21st Thru Ark. Tenn. Kentucky, Ohio ending in Western New York 14048. Empty F-250. Will haul for cash.
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    will haul new york to texas and return

    Leaving western N.Y. state about Nov. 10th. Going through Cleveland to Northern Indiana. Headed south from Indiana to Texas. Leaving Texas about Nov. 21st , going through, Texarkana, Tenn. Kentucky, Ohio. empty Super Duty pickup. Will haul for CASH.
  16. boltupal

    My 65 Imperial sedan turns out to be a 64 crown coupe

    I remember packing away a 1965 Crown Imperial sedan. When I pulled it out of storage. Turns out it was a 1964 Crown coupe ! Sucks getting old. Anyway its just another project i,m not going to get to. So I might as well part it out also.
  17. boltupal

    Johnny Rutherfords 1966 Imperial

    Years ago i brought a very straight solid original 66 crown sedan. Got it in Irving Texas. Once i cleaned it out i found the Certi Card of the original owner. Rutherford won the Indy 500 just before buying this car. Read his address very carefully .
  18. boltupal

    Factory or aftermarket

    These black floor mats came in the 64 crown coupe i just got. I know it not a great picture, but they say MOPAR on them . Are they factory parts of after market?
  19. boltupal

    What is this ??

    Starting to feel better so i,m going to start selling parts. This 72-73 imperial has a ??? in it.
  20. boltupal

    brought a nice 66 imperial crown coupe for parts

    Could be a driver