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  1. 66Newyorker

    Anything that can fry a voltage regulator?

    One additional thing the mV reading on the alternator ground will increase as the alternator charges more.
  2. 66Newyorker

    Anything that can fry a voltage regulator?

    Just a note with grounds. When you measure for a good ground for an alternator, voltage regulator or ignition control module. Check the for ground to battery negative with engine running under load for the alternator, engine running for other components using mV scale of your multimeter. Go from...
  3. 66Newyorker

    Who knows ignition switches?

    Yes, the cylinder turns in the housing the black retainer keeps the assembly in place within the column. I have a question. On the later Chrysler products is the ignition key used only to start the car or like on my 66 does it also open the doors? If it’s only used for the ignition switch pick...
  4. 66Newyorker

    Once again...

    Sounds like you have some bigger issues. You might be getting voltage drop through the bulkhead connectors and the amp gauge if your car has one. I would take care of some of the low voltage stuff before doing another electronic ignition. There are a few threads about electrical problems with...
  5. 66Newyorker

    Once again...

    You should be able to get your trigger from your ignition switch. I would think you will need both start and run going to the power wire for the relay coil.
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    Exterior Lighting Resto/Maintenance/Upgrades

    Thanks Dan as always your knowledge base is by far the best when it come to automotive lighting. Thanks again!
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    Point vacuum advance canisters

    I was able to find 3 listed on under 1970 Dodge D200 with a 383. Standard makes them and they are also list on the Standard Motor Products web site.
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    Need Vacuum Advance Canister

    Maybe not the total amount of advance the vacuum advance puts into the distributor, but the rate or how fast the advance is applied. The advance arm that is closer to the shaft will move a shorter distance to apply X degs. of advance. The advance arm further from this shaft will have to move a...
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    Stable timing

    I had noticed for some time that the rpm at idle was not staying stable and the timing was also not stable. Did some checking and found that the shaft play in the distributor was excessive. I had been running this distributor for about 2 years, was a reman. After looking at some of the posts and...
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    Time to teach an old dog a new trick

    I remember when I still worked on GM products that the trucks would corrode the distributor cap. There were breather screens in the dist. that would get clogged and trap moisture. I know it's GM but might be worth checking.
  11. 66Newyorker

    Electronic choke thermostat?

    After looking at an old intake your runners look about right. Your intake if stock should be 2206000.In the close up of the adjustment you will see index makes.
  12. 66Newyorker

    Electronic choke thermostat?

    Another question what is your intake? Is it stock or an aftermarket? The runners look way too long for a stock 66 440 intake.
  13. 66Newyorker

    Electronic choke thermostat?

    Yeah that rod looks to straight. I will look thought my carburetor stuff and see if I can find the one that came off my car before my carburetor change.
  14. 66Newyorker

    Are points so bad?

    Points aren't bad, they work well. A couple of things with points are the rub block wears down and the distributor also wears. This causes your dwell to decrease. If you want to run points use a dwell meter to set them. Just remove the cap and ground the coil wire. About 28 degrees is all you...
  15. 66Newyorker


    Put a relay from the battery to the alt. regulator. Use the ign. wire that goes to the regulator to energize the relay. Put an line fuse going to the relay. This will help reduce the the voltage drop the regulator is now seeing. This helped my pulsating. Also I went from using a dual field...
  16. 66Newyorker

    Clock clean and repair attempt

    I have an extra clock that I wanted to see if I could get it working. I disassembled and washed down the entire gear works with WD-40. Let the excess drip off and connected to a 12 volt dc power supply. It started to tick away. I let it run for about a month or so on the bench. It's been about a...
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    Gas gauge went out

    Take some time to diagnose the wiring. A test light connected to the sending unit wire to ground should flash on and off. That's the regulator working. Use an DVM to measure the resistance of the sending unit. About 10 ohms full and 70 ohms or so empty. You can also use a variable resistor box...