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  1. KcImperial

    which Hedman Headers to Chrysler 300 1969??

    Without a dyno, dragstrip timeslips, or some other scientific calculation, everything is just guesses and opinions. When I put the headers on I also put the bigger exhaust and glasspacks too. It definitely sounded louder so that must mean it now runs stronger too? I guess that's at least 50 HP...
  2. KcImperial

    which Hedman Headers to Chrysler 300 1969??

    Performance?? It's a stock drivetrain in a big ol' honking New Yorker. It can do triple digit speeds on the highway and still get single digit MPG's around town! I installed the full length headers with 2.5in exhaust for their aesthetics and sound. The top picture I posted above is the stock...
  3. KcImperial

    which Hedman Headers to Chrysler 300 1969??

    I have the full length Hedman 78030 headers on my 1967 New Yorker with a 440. I had to unbolt the motor mounts and raise the engine about an inch, then they slipped right in. I did not have to dimple or dent any tubes for clearance. I was also able to keep the original OEM starter too. The...
  4. KcImperial

    Cherry picker?

    If you haven't bought the cherry picker yet, make sure you get a 2ton and not a smaller size one. The price isn't that much different and the 2ton will have a stronger arm which makes a huge difference when extended out all the way. The smaller / lighter ones may bend the arm when fully...
  5. KcImperial

    Cherry picker?

    Me and my dad did very similar back in the day when we junked cars. We would unbolt (almost) everything, pull the car up the hill with a tractor, chain the engine to the tree limb, then let the car roll back down hill. Sorry for the low quality pics. These were taken around '90 or '91
  6. KcImperial

    Best headers for a 1967 New Yorker

    I used the full length Hedman Headers 78030 on my '67 New Yorker. Had to raise the motor a couple inches and they slipped right in. The passenger side is a little close on the torsion bar but that was the only issue. I still use the original full size starter too. OEM manifold vs Headman 78030
  7. KcImperial

    Headers. Why?

    my friend's '66 Newport with open headers. That sound on the highway is the only reason I need for headers.
  8. KcImperial

    58 Imperial Axle

    I've swapped out several rear axles in 58 Imperials. I've used 67-68 New Yorker rear ends. Their perches about 1/8 inch wider but still bolt in place just fine. If you have a smaller yoke, use Precision 347 combination u-joint.
  9. KcImperial

    Hedman 78070 Headers and Oil Dipstick

    I have the full length version (78070) in my '67 New Yorker. They fit without any major problems. I'm not sure how the shorter ones will do. I also broke off my oil dipstick doing the exact same thing! Congrats getting your old one out. I had to pull the pan and drive mine out with a punch. I...
  10. KcImperial

    Should fuel filter be dry (no fuel visible)?

    agree with those above - could be fuel pump. could also be a leak somewhere in the line allowing the pump to suck air. also make sure your tank is properly vented so it doesn't create a vacuum inside the tank making it harder to pump gas.
  11. KcImperial

    C-body Rear main seal thread

    You will need to drop the steering centerlink, unbolt motor mounts, and raise the engine if you want to get the pan out.