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  1. MBar

    1972 Plymouth Suburban Wagon. Tailgate Stuck OPEN! Help?

    Finally got her painted...opened swung open the tailgate and it won't close. It never did hinge down but now it won't close....seems to be blocked by something... help please
  2. MBar

    1972 custom suburban interior Plastic?

    The interior plastics in the back including the spare tire cover are brittle and need replacing.....does anybody sell these? A friend told me I can find a fiberglass place to replicate them but I so far no luck. MBarMember Messages: 188 Likes Received: 90 Joined: Sep 17, 2018 Location: Orange...
  3. MBar

    I Just Bought a 1972 Fury Wagon and I am thrilled

    The last thing I needed... I've had a 68 Newport 4dr Sedan for years...I ended up on the forum and discovered the Fuselage C Bodies... and lucked out for cheap got myself a 72 Fury 4dr sedan that hadn't run in 20 years but I got it going...and occasionally I would visit the wagon section because...
  4. MBar

    NOT MINE ---1972 Fury Wagon NICE Calif