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  1. KcImperial

    68 300 radio

    Here's a pic of the radio in my 1968 Newport. The 2 vents below the radio are only for A/C equipped cars. (if memory serves correct) They can be unscrewed and non-A/C block off plates installed if needed. The overlay trim that you're missing is glued on. It's silver for Newport and woodgrain on...
  2. KcImperial

    68 300 radio

    It looks the same as the one in my 1968 Newport. I will take a pic of it later this afternoon.
  3. KcImperial

    Where to get original material

    Here are a few reviews for SMS, read them all. tl;dr - one of few sources for rare upholstery, pay upfront, wait 6 months to two years for delivery, horrible customer service.
  4. KcImperial

    Custom door panels and rear seat removal question...

    Your new upholstery looks nice! To remove the rear seat - the base has the typical loop/hook so push the base inward (towards the trunk) then lift up. the back has 2 bolts at the bottom then simply lifts up and out.