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  1. Lefty71

    Mopar Ford Comparison

    Hes been around for a while... In The Beginning: Retracing The Roots Of The 5.0L Movement With Uncle Tony! - Check this link; Five Liters of Fury
  2. Lefty71

    1977 Chrysler Ad

    Seems like a pretty good deal...the sticker price on my parents '71 New Yorker was $6,600..... no clue what they actually gave for it, but it could'nt have too far off. Off the subject a bit.... I def remember a local ford dealer offering F150 shorties with a Meyer plow at a special price of...
  3. Lefty71

    Replace or rebuild tranny?

    This could be key right here.... Hopefully the OP doesnt have a cast crank 440 in there, ya know almost balanced, with the right front damper, but the wrong converter???
  4. Lefty71

    Replace or rebuild tranny?

    Not likely to "replace" a '65 trans at all. There is no swapping from two cables to one, etc. There are ways to change the set-up, but it's going to add complexity. You'll need to rebuild what you have, which is not really a big deal. Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, you really need...
  5. Lefty71

    Look what followed me home yesterday, 1977 Chrysler Newport

    Why not running?? I think I may have a decent Thermoquad carb from a '78.
  6. Lefty71

    1978 New Yorker w/o St. Regis

    I know where you can get this entire interior in plush (crushed velvet??) red instead of leather, if you pick this up and that appeals to you.
  7. Lefty71

    1978 New Yorker w/o St. Regis

    White , Red or Black body color would improve the presentation 110%. Gotta have skirts too.
  8. Lefty71

    Banged up oil pan

    I would be worried about the pickup screen being blocked some with a dent that large, no need to replace tho, just repair.. Of course, you'll have to sacrifice some of that, erm, rust preventative you have going on there. HTH, Lefty71
  9. Lefty71

    Kids, Kars and why I don't butcher them.

    Great Post, great girl! I had a big '78 Merc like that but two tone silver instead. People miss those big cars like the '69-on Chrysler monsters too. They were all beautiful. Thx for sharing.