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  1. boltupal

    Carburetor questions

    Please post a clear picture of the stamped numbers on the front of the air horn.
  2. boltupal

    Diff locating pin

    Buy the biggest dia pin. You can always drill it larger.
  3. boltupal

    How do i remove the oil pan on a 1968 New yorker

    It might be safer cutting the exhust pipes then re weld them. Breaking a manifold stud will suck.
  4. boltupal

    Are AM/FM radios REALLY this expensive?

    I just sold a working FM AM for 64 Imperial . 50 bucks ,shipped it to Rhode Island.
  5. boltupal

    Brake Help

    Sounds to me like the rubber hose over the rear axle is sucking air. Might as well replace it .
  6. boltupal

    Brake Help

    1/4 drive set, 6 point socket { snap on or mac } 6 inch extension with a wobble . Once open put a tight fitting clear plastic hose over the bleeder. Put the other end of the hose into a full bottle of brake fluid. Pump away , then close bleeder.... repeat 3 more times
  7. boltupal

    Brake Help

    Replace all of your rubber hoses that look like that one. And that steel line doesnt look to good either.
  8. boltupal

    65 Imperial 413

    With engine running spray some DWI -40 around base of carb and all other vacuum connections. if the engine revs , you have a leak at that point. Dont forget the power booster and the intake itself.
  9. boltupal

    65 Imperial 413

    Sounds like a vacuum leak to me.
  10. boltupal

    Advise please; saw a sweet 65 NY with title status "lien"

    The title should say who the lien holder is. Contact them about the lien. Or contact the state DMV they will give you the info.
  11. boltupal

    1963 Nyer Brake issue

    I have one for a 64 imperial that works. If no,t Midwest power products rebuilds them for the best price.