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  1. KcImperial

    Buyer wants to use paypal...

    This is the best scam. The person picking up the car sometimes is the actual scammer. Afterwards, the check (personal, or cashier's) will bounce or the PayPal/CC payment will be disputed. Now, not only did you give your car away for free, you technically paid the scammer to take it and probably...
  2. KcImperial

    this was on my youtube recommended today

    That's the first radio delete plate I've seen on a 1967 Chrysler, and on a power window car too!
  3. KcImperial

    Hagerty, "Ten emerging collector vehicles" article

    The notable detail about that list is most of those cars are just transitioning out of daily driver status. They are in that borderline grey area between being mothballed for collectible status or sold off as an old junky car. Most of them could still be in decent condition and parts/service...
  4. KcImperial

    Thread for Craigslist morons

    Here's his mentor... The original Garden Hose Bandit
  5. KcImperial

    Why so many auto restoration projects get started and never finished ?

    Too many people expect perfect cars without realizing the time, effort, and money involved to make everything factory correct. They also usually start with a vehicle that doesn't justify spending tens of thousands of dollars on. I'm not a purist and I still struggle with parts or tech help when...
  6. KcImperial

    Another good reason to drive an older car

    I hate GPS and most of those modern "conveniences" in cars . To me, following orders from a GPS device puts you in a passive role. It's conformity at it's finest. Shut your brain off and the technology will think for you. It's like using a calculator for simple addition. Eventually, you stop...
  7. KcImperial

    Before there was seatbelt laws...

    Yeah, but then why aren't motorcycles illegal? I had a motorcycle cop try to lecture me about how I have to wear my seat belt to be SAFE! I asked if it was safer if I just rode on top of my vehicle like he did? That cop had absolutely no sense of humor! When I was a kid, there wasn't a law for...
  8. KcImperial

    seen 60 imperial fins

    The flat spots do look a little dented. I had one of mine re-cored years ago. The shop owner was so proud of himself for fixing the "dents" in my top tank (he completely hammered out the flat spots!)
  9. KcImperial


    I've used these for packing cars in spots so tight you can't put your hand between them. They work good on a smooth concrete floor. I would not recommend them on asphalt.
  10. KcImperial

    Car Hoarders Article

    A friend of mine owned a convenience store. He was having burglaries so I did the "glass bottle" treatment to the main AC ducts where they were crawling through. Thieves still came back though but this time they used a backhoe and drove through the front of the building...
  11. KcImperial

    C body on a 4x4 Frame

    Do it! It sounds fun! You can email me pics if you don't want to post them here. In my 'hood, there's a Cadillac hearse and an 80's Fairmount on 4x4 frames. They get just as much attention (maybe more) than my big ol' Imperials.
  12. KcImperial

    Car Hoarders Article

    There are similar laws in my city too and for the same reasons. I'm not allowed to have any cars on my property that are not licensed. I paved my backyard in concrete and have a 6ft privacy fence so they're not in view from the street. My cars are also fully licensed and insured (total costs is...
  13. KcImperial

    Car Hoarders Article

    I live in the inner city, in a small house and on a small plot of land. I currently have 11 cars piled in my backyard. I personally saved almost every one of them from the crusher many years ago. I've had so many people ask why I don't do full restorations on each one, or the try to give me...
  14. KcImperial

    Rolls Royce Auction Record

    Geez, that's $7.4 mil in US funds!
  15. KcImperial

    Stolen cuda!

    This is a perfect example of why I will never buy a car without a title. A high profile car like this Cuda should have been huge a red flag but even a parts car dragged out of a field is suspect. It doesn't even need to be stolen, without a clear title present, you could be subject unknown to...
  16. KcImperial

    Buyer Beware or If It'sToo Good To Be True.......

    tl;dr version = eBay seller in Canada with approx 150 feedbacks suddenly sells $150k - $200k worth of welders in less than 48 hours. The seller claims free shipping to the US and no duty fees. The first 40ish pages were people either bragging about their great deal or arguing with the handful of...
  17. KcImperial

    Name the engine

    add to that the BB Chevy water pump too
  18. KcImperial

    Unobtaniable parts source

    Ha! So True! I've actually owned a '42 Chrysler Royal, drove it in traffic once... for about 4 miles... and then sold it!
  19. KcImperial

    Unobtaniable parts source

    Here are stupid things I've been told on forums, Facebook, and in person: *All cars should be saved no matter what they are. *If you're not in the process of restoring your car at this exact moment, then you should immediately sell it to the first person than uninvitedly comes on your...