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  1. MBar

    For Sale Not Mine --Solid California 1968 Polara Fast-top I want a fast-top but holding out for a Newport (someday) If anyone is interested I can check it out local
  2. MBar

    For Sale Not mine 74 Fury III $2850. Looks good

    Hi Dave My 72 Suburban really stinks of rich mix and I want to replace the stock carb... A refurb stock unit at O'Reilly is about 225.00.. what carb do you recommend as an alternative?
  3. MBar

    For Sale 1968 Newport

  4. MBar

    For Sale 1968 Newport

    Oh no.... I've been watching for one of these...more pics please.. possibly interested
  5. MBar

    For Sale Not Mine 1970 2dr Fury III California 3k obo

    1970 Plymouth Fury III -----If I could.......---- 1970 Plymouth III, commando 383, Transmission 727, 95 k original miles. This is a 50 year old running car that was saved from the crusher a few years back 0 rust a couple of dents on the body solid floor pans and trunk excellent for restoration...
  6. MBar

    For Sale Not Mine 1976 Cordoba 2600.00 California

    TIME CAPSULE 1976 CHRYSLER CORDOBA 80K ORIG Here you go boys....good thing I'm outta money....
  7. MBar

    For Sale WANTED- 4D 72 FURY

    I've got a 72 4dr Fury III and I am considering letting it go. I have too many cars but I love them all. Green 360 decent shape.
  8. MBar

    For Sale WANTED- 4D 72 FURY

    Did you ever find one?
  9. MBar

    For Sale Not mine Hurst 2dr in California

    1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst Addition In Los Angeles Craigslist but not sure where Danuba is........
  10. MBar

    For Sale NOT MINE -- Headed to Junk Yard.....63 Newport

    1963 Chrysler Newport "Selling my 63 Newport with push button gears instead of stick, need it gone ASAP before the end of this month or it will go to the junk yard ,needs work was working 5 years ago I think it needs the heads rebuild plates are up to date $2000 obo shoot me a offer" I Don't...
  11. MBar

    For Sale FREE!! 1967 Newport 4 door. ( Not Mine )

    Lots of work just to load up! Nice job and nice rig
  12. MBar

    For Sale 1970 Police Pkg Fury III 4-Door Hardtop!

    Looking at the pics of the motor, it kind of looks like oil (or something) splattered all over...could the engine have barfed that out?
  13. MBar

    For Sale 1970 Police Pkg Fury III 4-Door Hardtop!

    Thanks for putting pictures was flagged by the time I started reading this so I was really wanting to see
  14. MBar

    For Sale NOT MINE 1963 Chrysler Imperial barn find - $3800 (Upland)

    my stable is full and I don't know much about these but it looks pretty clean....I'm thinking of doing a lookie-loo if the seller is cool with it
  15. MBar

    For Sale NOT MINE -sweet Calif car

    I cut and paste it again.. if it doesn't work, the ad is at Riverside California which is in Inland Empire Edition.. 1966 New Yorker
  16. MBar

    For Sale NOT MINE 1963 Chrysler Imperial barn find - $3800 (Upland)

    1963 Chrysler Imperial barn find Selling a 1963 Chrysler Imperial. All original "barn find". Was bought new in Riverside California. Was parked in the mid 60's in the original owners garage where it had been sitting until a few weeks ago when the house was sold. Original rare gold paint is in...
  17. MBar

    For Sale NOT MINE -sweet Calif car

    1966 New Yorker 1250.00 4 door 1966 new yorker needs full restoration all matching numbers all original still needs to be restore all the way up Please only text nine51 one 903 eightone 59
  18. MBar

    For Sale 78 NYB Not for sale yet but soon

    Did I miss something? I thought the car wasn't there anymore..