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  1. boltupal

    WANTED 8 3/4 742 power lock{ suregrip] good working center section

    I have two completely stock 742 dana power lock center sections. Factory 2.93 to 1 gear ratios. I pulled these 30 years ago . Im never going to need them . 600.00 each plus shipping or you pick up. Paypal or postal money order only.
  2. boltupal

    WANTED parking brake lever cable 1964 imperial

    I need the cable that connects from brake lever the E brake cable.
  3. boltupal

    WANTED A little help please about bumper jacks.

    How do i find out if this 1964 Imperial bumper jack fits other MOPARS ?
  4. boltupal

    WANTED Part number or interchange number

    I need a part # or interchange # for a rear view mirror { day/night } that came in a 1964 crown imperial.
  5. boltupal

    WANTED Steel toy car

    I am making a "trophy " for a old friend. I would like to put a big Chrysler at the top of this trophy. Something 10 to 14 inches long. Steel ,if its beat up thats fine is my friend!
  6. boltupal

    WANTED Diecast steel toy car 1/18th or larger.

    I,m looking for a old diecast toy steel car. Poor to excellent shape. A big car, even a ford or chevy would be cool. An imperial would be the bomb !
  7. boltupal

    WANTED 64-66 imperial parts

    I need 3 of the plastic clips that hold the rocker molding on. And the bracket , switch and parts for the auto pilot to brake pedal .
  8. boltupal

    WANTED 4.10 thru 4.88 ring and pinion for 742, also need a spool

    I,m looking for a good used set of gears, and mini or full spool for a 742 . Thanks
  9. boltupal

    WANTED torsion bars for a 62 imperial

    I need a left torsion bar for a 62. I have extras for a 64 imperial but don't know if they are the same.
  10. boltupal

    WANTED wanted engine hauled from western new york state, to n.j.

    Guy named bob bought a complete 413 engine from me.He lives in N.J. . The engine is in buffalo ny erie pa area . Anyone going that way want to haul it for cash? We will do the dirty work.
  11. boltupal

    WANTED Want a imperial to restore

    I looking to restore a imperial. I like the 50's cars , but don't want to deal with the brakes and electrics . A 60's or maybe a 70's car. I don't want a show car.
  12. boltupal

    wanted imperial, maybe project

    I,m ready for a new project. Im going to try an imperial this time. Not looking for a show car. Would like to have something before winter gets here.
  13. boltupal

    wanted spool or mini spool

    Looking to buy good used mini or full spool for 8 3/4 rearend .
  14. boltupal

    Wanted 742 gears for my yard truck

    I,m looking for a set of good used ring and pinion for my dodge pickup. I want at least 4.33 to 1 Maybe even a spool.
  15. boltupal

    Need engine hauled buffalo ny to NJ .Maybe even carlise pa.

    I need a 413 engine hauled from buffalo ny area. To n.j. area . Maybe even carlise pa. Pays cash . Thanks