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  1. Marv

    My 1973 Imperial coupe

    well well good things take time I guess. I joined the fcbo board back in 2015 after a local car show where I came across a 70 300. That enormous size, two doors and hidden headlights got me. I didn´t know much about those big boats but soon I learned that there´s a die hard community and I must...
  2. Marv

    73 Imperial hood elements

    Does anyone know what's the purpose of these little guys? They are supported by springs. do they support the weight of the massive hood or is it an alignment thing? They don't seem be crucial parts since the hood sits/closes /opens fine without them. So do they need to be reinstalled after...
  3. Marv

    Hood difference 72 / 73 LeBaron

    I just recognized that the 72 hood has a stamped grill a the very top whereas the 73 doesn´t. Small detail but why is that ? Was it just part of the annual facelift or is there a reason for it?. Many cars of that era have these stamped grills, I always thought their purpose was to vent the...
  4. Marv

    Option infos for 1973 Imperial

    Does there exist any information about option and color choices for the 73 Imperial just as shown on the pictures below? I couldn´t find any info on hamtramck or other websites so far... The 1970 Hamtramck Registry - 1973 Chrysler Advance Information
  5. Marv

    It´s time for a SAR mission Doc !!!

    Found on facebook, looks like a b5 car and it has a sunroof.. I really think someone on this board should go after it and try to rescue it before it rots away while waiting for the owner to bring it back on the road .. Facebooktext "Staying at a cabin in South Dakota was chatting it up with...