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  1. Lefty71

    Horn electrix...

    Download your diagram here..... Wiring – MyMopar BTW, looks like 4 terminals to me.
  2. Lefty71


    Factory specs call for 2.76, 3.23 optional. I ***-umed 8-3/4 rear. Not the case??
  3. Lefty71


  4. Lefty71

    Another,AnotherAnother,Another 1961 FURY

    I've never seen Mopar branded seat belts. Was that dealer item, or am I just mistaken?? When did seat belts become mandatory factory items?, and did that happen across the whole US, or did some states start first?? Definately not a car you see every day with those options. Thx
  5. Lefty71

    1956 300 B Stunning!!

    Saw it two weeks ago at Norwalk. Absolutely a gold mine of a car. Thx for sharing.