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  1. Marv

    my buddy's 60 Desoto Adventurer project

    Nice, I like the 60s style the most out of all DeSotos. The frontend looks a little mean and beefy, trim is styled great and the rear lights are just on point with the chevrons which this one is missing. Great car, plus nicely equipped with swivel seats etc. Great car
  2. Marv

    1961 Plymouth 2 dr ARMY wagon

    that will be really cool
  3. Marv

    61 Belvedere 4dr

    That sounds like a great idea. Hope your plan works out well
  4. Marv

    61 Belvedere 4dr

    I still wonder what you´re doing with all these 61s. are you on a restoring mission or do you buy and sell them ? anyways it´s nice to see them either saved from the crusher or at least parted to save the ones that can be saved :thumbsup: I really like this quirky look of the 61s
  5. Marv

    1957 Fireflite Fleet

    Wow, richtig schön :thumbsup:
  6. Marv

    1958 Imperial @ August Kissimmee--Pics

    It looks to be the twin of this one for sale in Italy. Even interior is the same
  7. Marv

    58 Imperial 2dr Europe

    NOT MINE Located in Italy, given it´s a 2door looks very unmolested and solid it´s not that expensive at 28k€. Transfers into ~ 33.500$ due to the USD being kinda weak the last weeks. Click Description 1958 Imperial Southampton coupè - original hemi engine 392 cid with 345HP and Torqueflite...
  8. Marv

    Auction 59 Imperial Crown

    the car was at the auction in may earlier this year and didn´t sell obviously. So I guess the reserve is set quite high
  9. Marv

    Auction 59 Imperial Crown

    I know you're fishing for compliments but I'll fall for it like I do every time you post a picture of your car.... One of the most beautiful cars I've ever seen :D And I like that color combo better than red & white :D
  10. Marv

    Auction 59 Imperial Crown

    2 doors are very rare and the condition appears to be great as well although I'm not an expert on these forward cars. But my guess is that the interior might still be factory. The upholstery shows some wear that matches the age and mileage.
  11. Marv

    Auction 59 Imperial Crown 1959 Chrysler Imperial Crown Southampton Hardtop Coupe Original cost of this car was $5403 Engine is overhead valve V block 8 Cylinder 413 Cu Inch 350 HP @ 4600 RPM The crown jewel of the “Peterson” collection of...
  12. Marv

    Jay Leno´s 57 Imperial

    Another video by Jay Leno, I can´t stop emphasizing how much I appreciate Jay Leno. He is just a car enthusiast with a giant collection but he never brags about what he has. He shoots the videos to show people cars they would never see with their own eyes and explains every detail about the...
  13. Marv

    I just couldnt leave her behind

    I have nothing but respect for what you did. When you picked her up and I saw the pictures 3 years ago I was like << yeah that´ll be another guy who thinks complete restos are easy, he´ll give up on it as soon as he realizes how much blood, sweat and tears go into such a project >> and look at...
  14. Marv

    Magnificent Imperial from the Past

    What are those and what is their purpose?
  15. Marv

    1958 Chrysler 300D Fuel Injection

    Another fantastic episode of Jay Leno´s Garage, the car was under restoration for the last one and a half decades by one of Jay´s mechanics. In earlier episodes it was shown in various stages during the resto, now it´s finished. Fantastic car and with the fuel injection 1 of 21 built. I love the...
  16. Marv

    My 60 Plymouth Wagon

    @Gerald Morris there you go, time to sell the house.. Those station wagons are huge, 2 people can easily sleep in there:D
  17. Marv

    Latest barn find

    Looks very good nice score keep us updated with your plans with her