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  1. Marv

    318 poly power pack

    @SGT FURY does the black 2dr you found still has the transmission in it ? It then has to be the Heavy Duty Synchro Silent 3 speed that was only available on the 361 and the 383. In another thread you mentioned only 17 cars in 61 had the 383 3 speed option so the transmission will be almost a...
  2. Marv

    318 poly power pack

    That´s also what it´s called in the 1961 brochure
  3. Marv

    1971 440 T-code Engine repaint -- questions and opinions?

    while I´m a man who´s exactly like that I can tell the difference between blue and orange :rofl:
  4. Marv

    1971 440 T-code Engine repaint -- questions and opinions?

    Finding the correct shade means that one has to guess a little. Even on the best survivor with only 10.000miles on the odo always pampered and garage kept the engine paint won´t look like it did when new. Engines get hot the paint obviously too plus decades of time let some components just...
  5. Marv

    Unknown Air Cleaner

    The high performance engines were designated Plymouth -> Super Commando Chrysler -> TNT Dodge -> Magnum Just as the E87 option for the 440cui with 3 dual carburators was called Plymouth -> 6 bbl Dodge -> Six Pack not available on Chrysler models
  6. Marv

    Smaller air cleaner?

    If you Google "oil breather cap" you'll get a gazillion of caps. They ensure ventilation without allowing the oil to get out. But let me ask you this. What do you expect when changing the air cleaner to an aftermarket one? It won't give you extra power, you just take away stock appearance of...
  7. Marv

    Air Cleaner discussion

    I went to that process today @Dsertdog and I had the same thoughts.. Will the snorkle limit the airflow and will have negative consequences for the mixture? Will there be a loss of performance? Although with my 350cui Pontiac engine with a 1406 4bbl Edelbrock sitting on an Edelbrock intake and...
  8. Marv


    Just because of that carton :usflag: