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  1. MBar

    WANTED 68 Newport emblems and lettering please

    68 Newport 4dr Sedan paint shop lost my letters and emblems
  2. MBar

    WANTED Fuselage wagon cargo plastics and pillar trim

    I have a 72 custom suburban wagon and my plastics are all crispy... Cargo area and also all the pillar trim please. Any color
  3. MBar

    WANTED 1968 Newport Lettering and badging

    After paint, the letters and script etc didn't make it onto the car and now lost. CHRYSLER across the front, a couple of Newport scripts on the quarter panels... and a penta-star
  4. MBar

    WANTED 1972 or compatible wagon interior plastics cargo area and A pillars

    I have a 72 Custom Suburban and I am looking for the plastics for the cargo area and also the A pillar and rear pillar interior trim. Blue but Any color will work. Also, I need one of the duct cover trim pieces for the rear a/c option. Thank you
  5. MBar

    WANTED 72 Suburban (Fury Wagon) window rollers vertical

    does anyone know if this will work on my driver door window? NOS Chrysler Door Rear Quarter Window Crank Glass Regulator Slide Roller 1pc S | eBay ...and, do I need clips? maybe these? NOS Chrysler Door Quarter Window Crank Regulator Roller Stud Clip Push Nut 4p OM | eBay
  6. MBar

    WANTED 72 Suburban (Fury Wagon) window rollers vertical

    The rollers on the vertical rail have disintegrated. They are round. Can't seem to find any. Does anyone knows where I can get new ones? or used? It looks like the sliders are only on the front of the glass and the rear rides along the slot? Thank you :)
  7. MBar

    WANTED 72 fury or wagon marker light plug

    thank that the correct fit to twist into the housing? I was prepared to have to modify something
  8. MBar

    WANTED 72 fury or wagon marker light plug

    Figured out why my right front marker doesn't light up... Missing the wire and socket for the bulb that twists onto the housing.... Anyone? Also, the front left parking light/turn signal is getting power for turn signal but bulb doesn't seat properly so a front left assembly that goes on the...
  9. MBar

    WANTED 1972 Fury Windshield (I am in California)

    Thank you :) I can find them but I'm hoping someone local has one or two at budget prices... If I only had one to love.... But I gotta be frugal and spread it around
  10. MBar

    WANTED 1972 Fury Windshield (I am in California)

    I have a wagon and a 4dr sedan and both need windshields
  11. MBar

    WANTED 1968 Chrysler Newport or New Yorker Radio Bezel with A/C vents

    Saving up for some a/c and it would be nice to have factory look. So, any dash a/c parts would be nice :)
  12. MBar

    WANTED 1972 Fury Wagon (Custom Suburban) Driver door panel

    prefer blue but any color is good
  13. MBar

    WANTED 1972 Fury Wagon (Custom Suburban) luggage rack parts

    looking for the pieces that go across front and back.. mine are rusted
  14. MBar

    WANTED 1972 Fury III 4dr sedan Front valance and right marker lens

    prefer green but any color is good
  15. MBar

    WANTED 1968 Chrysler Newport 4dr sedan passenger B pillar interior trim

    teal preferred but any color is good
  16. MBar

    WANTED 1972 Fury Wagon (Suburban) interior plastics

    I am looking for all cargo area plastics, both A pillar trims, rear pillar trims and some of the white trim that hides the hoses along the rear seat for the rear-a/c unit. Blue preferred but any color works
  17. MBar

    WANTED 68 Newport AC dash vents

    Adding ac to my Newport. Looking for the radio face with ac vents and any other vents or tubing Thank you