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  1. Marv

    WANTED WANTED 1969-1973 Imperial Lebaron

    1972 Chrysler Imperial | eBay
  2. Marv

    WANTED 68/69 Fairlane/Torino parts (car)

    Sorry this is not a Mopar related request but a fellow friend of mine had an accident with his 69 Fairlane and is now looking for a 68/69 Fairlane / Torino parts car with good fenders, pass door and hood. Preferably in the Oregon, northern CA or Washington state area. Since the car was bought...
  3. Marv

    WANTED 1971 Sport Fury TRUNK Emblem

    Shipping costs are insane because of ebay world wide shipping. I didn't find out yet why it varies from item to item in such a way but when you pay the money transfers to eBay and not to the seller He just gets the asking price plus a minor shipping fee. best thing to do is message the seller...
  4. Marv


    Salvage04... :poke: Sooo that email got me suspicious what are your plans with the car if you find one:poke: