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  1. boltupal

    Imperial Drag car

    Why does it have slicks on the back ?
  2. boltupal

    Imperial Drag car

  3. boltupal

    My new ‘64 Crown Coupe

    I like it .
  4. boltupal

    1966 Imp Convertible ----loaded---rust free---PROJECT $4200

    What makes it rare?
  5. boltupal

    For Sale 1966 Imperial Convertible

    I wish i saw this car ten years ago. But now, too far gone for me.
  6. boltupal

    72 Imperial coolant overflow

    Give me a week, i will check on the overflow i have. If its good i will pull it and post pictures.
  7. boltupal

    72 Imperial coolant overflow

    I think i have a original one to sell.
  8. boltupal

    My 1970 Imperial

    I like it .
  9. boltupal

    Imperial four sale

    Nice !! i like it
  10. boltupal

    1971 Imperial HELP!

    If you are using points. Keep in mind your car starts on 12 volts , but runs on 6 . The resistor drops the voltage to six volts. When starting the points get extra juice via the starter.
  11. boltupal

    1971 Imperial HELP!

  12. boltupal

    Imperial Parts Thread

    Most times non working power windows aren't the motors. Switches, relays, and bad grounds. Sometimes windows are just stuck.
  13. boltupal

    Imperial Parts Thread

  14. boltupal

    Very rare, but 1 million?

    Put down the CRACK pipe !
  15. boltupal

    Looking for photo

    Get a imperial crash repair guide.
  16. boltupal

    1964 imperial whats it worth

    I would like to buy it. But if you need a working tranny I have one to sell.
  17. boltupal

    How do i read this TRACK SHEET? for my 1964 crown ?

    how do I read this sheet?
  18. boltupal

    1959 Imperial Crown Coupe w/stainless roof option "FOR SALE"

    It could have been a great rebuilder, ten years ago. By the way 413 engines in motorhomes are different than the ones put into cars.
  19. boltupal

    Are Those Rear Window Blinds in that Imp?

    I have a set in my 65 imperial.
  20. boltupal

    Are Those Rear Window Blinds in that Imp?

    I have a set of those blinds. Came in my 65.