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  1. boltupal

    SOLD Sun tune up kit

    I bought my in 1979 . Still works .
  2. boltupal

    For Sale 1964 Imperial coupe parts re chromed bumpers

    Hey guys i,m kinda in a spot. I got this old restoration project from an Estate. I didnt want it but also didnt it want it to be a Demo Derby car. I,m going to sell off parts to try to get my money back. I have no idea what to ask for the Re chromed bumpers ?
  3. boltupal

    For Sale 1966 Bonneville Brougham 18k miles

    My first car was a 66 G.P. 421 HO
  4. boltupal

    For Sale Just $.51 cents a day could save this New Yorker's life

    Those are the types of cars i got for my kids while they were in high school and college. Cheap, safe ,solid ,easy for me to fix.