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  1. Lefty71

    For Sale (Please don't ask us to delete ads - We don't do that)....REALLY?????????? THEN WHY DELETE WHAT I POSTED AND LEAVE A PILE OF OTHERS STILL ON HERE????

    I have found that on all these F*BO sites thats everything works smoother if you just ask, or message a mod, as opposed to just bitching.
  2. Lefty71

    For Sale 1970 Fury

    Surely a hose would raise the value considerably. :lol:
  3. Lefty71

    For Sale 1970 Fury

    Reminds me of the "Thunderbolt and Lightfoot" car, but then again every black C body of that vintage does..... (the one with the rabbits in the trunk.
  4. Lefty71

    For Sale Not mine-66 Newport $4000

    Donnie Baker?? lol
  5. Lefty71

    For Sale Not Mine - '68 Imperial Crown Mobile Director.

    Did these cars have competition from Frod or GM? Like was there an Olds 98 or Caddy or Lincoln or big Merc version?? I could imagine a high end construction super, insurance guy or Hollywood guy using one, but I've yet to see one at a car show or display.
  6. Lefty71

    For Sale Not Mine - '68 Imperial Crown Mobile Director.

    It's rarer than a Dooge Palero, lol. I never heard of these mobile directors before I started eavesdropping on you guys. Is that passenger seat a swivel, or is it mounted backwards, or is it just sittin there??
  7. Lefty71

    For Sale 1976 New Yorker paint color oddity, not mine-B.C. Canada

    This is hosted on that site as well; 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury 426 Street Wedge – The Rod God Definately a little easier on the eyes IMO. Of course, along with rarity, comes price$$.
  8. Lefty71

    For Sale Lookie Here! Not Mine

    Not sure what to think of this really. But one thing I do know for sure, those rear tires are not up to the task of 1,000 horsepower, so who can explain the point of that???
  9. Lefty71

    For Sale Lookie Here! Not Mine

    Wow! I'm jealous! Let me be the first to tell you, you have'nt missed a damn thing!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup: Carry on.
  10. Lefty71

    SOLD 1969 Chrysler 300 convertible roller

    Looks like he's been waitin for a ride for a while!
  11. Lefty71

    For Sale Five Imperial Crown Convertibles - Offered as One Lot

    I remember them too. Pretty sure they were for sale together then too??
  12. Lefty71

    For Sale 1969 dodge palero......

    Might not "work good" at keeping you dry. What are the chances it will ever rain anyway??!
  13. Lefty71

    For Sale Not mine-68 300

    Not necessarily. On one hand, they are dime a dozen now, just (about) like their predecessors once were. On the other hand, performance minded folks know, that can most certainly fit the bill for "the poor mans Hemi", which is all good.
  14. Lefty71

    For Sale 1970 Polara 'vert for sale (Sudbury, ON)

    Yeah... we may need a "liked it before" button!
  15. Lefty71

    For Sale 1972 dodge monaco 440 2dr

    Only one pic of all of them without the scoops prominantly displayed..... I'm pretty sure he's proud of that accomplishment!
  16. Lefty71

    For Sale 1971 Chrysler 300 (NOT MINE)

    I thought that looked awful familiar.... just like an early 7-A racing box in a shorter version. DELTA MARK TEN CAPACITIVE DISCHARGE IGNITION UNIT | eBay
  17. Lefty71

    For Sale 1971 Chrysler 300 (NOT MINE)

    A land yacht on a boat ramp, go figure.
  18. Lefty71

    For Sale Not Mine, 67 300

    Are we to believe he ran over eight poor Japanese with that car??
  19. Lefty71

    For Sale 1978 Plymouth Fury Real Police car-Ebay, not mine

    They tend to frown on you scaring the heck out of your friends with all that stuff. :rolleyes: That alternator is just plain huge. Also, I take it that the car has been down some freshly tarred roads, or is it eating up ignition boxes???