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    SOLD 1971 Plymouth Sport Fury GT

    Lots of Americans getting busted in Banff and Jasper parks on vacation using the "I'm going to Alaska" loop hole. Can I tell them I'm going to Mexico?
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    SOLD 1971 Plymouth Sport Fury GT

    Nice car and the perfect driver too bad shipping would kill me.
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    For Sale 1970 Plymouth Fury GT

    Currently driving a B-body but I could become a c-body guy for a car like that :thumbsup:
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    For Sale 1966 Chrysler 300

    NOT MINE Here is the ad: 1966 Chrysler 300 2dr 440 v8 | Classic Cars | Grande Prairie | Kijiji Not sure how you guys post ad pictures o the thread. Looks pretty clean for the price.
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    Not my car just local and for sale. Pictures suck but looks interesting 440 CHRYSLER NEWPORT TOWN & COUNTRY WAGON, | Classic Cars | Calgary | Kijiji Partially restored, new windshield (Expensive), electric seats, electric mirrors, electric windows, back seat facing backwards, electric...
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    For Sale the nicest 1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst left on the planet.

    Always impressive how cars travel over the years. This one certainly made some miles. I've always wondered where some of my old cars went. Crosstown Auto is still very much alive here in Edmonton as well. Lots of cool Mopars came off their lot, they where one of the 2 Canadian dealers that...
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    For Sale 1966 CHRYSLER 300

    Not mine but looks fun to cruise in SHOWROOM 1966 CHRYSLER 300 | Classic Cars | Lethbridge | Kijiji No expense spared to create an immaculate vehicle. 75,000 original miles. Rides and drives like a new car. Factory options includes, golden touch am radio with reverberator speaker, clock...
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    For Sale 1968 Chrysler Newport Custom

    Not mine just saw it listed locally and thought I'd share. 1968 Chrysler Newport Custom | Classic Cars | Edmonton | Kijiji
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    For Sale 1970 Chrysler New Yorker 2d HT, $19 900

    Regardless of mileage I like it. I've slowly be gaining an appreciation for the C body's lately... of course everything I like is more then I can afford however.