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  1. Cags70PolaraConvert

    Lighting upgrade link?

    Hello everyone, I've been searching but have been unable to find the thread that has link on lighting upgrades. One such upgrade I remember was being able to have the side marker blink with the turn signal. It was a link to an article. If anyone can help me find the link it would be greatly...
  2. Cags70PolaraConvert

    Distributor pigtail

    Are distributor pigtails out there to be found? I tried using a google search and a few or the normal websites but can't seem to find them. After driving around for about an hour Friday the car died right in the middle of an intersection. After a few NY pleasantries with one car a couple...
  3. Cags70PolaraConvert

    Speedometer is starting at 25mph

    Why would my speedometer not go below 25? If I am doing 40 it reads 65. Is this an electrical glitch I can look for or something else? Not sure where to start.
  4. Cags70PolaraConvert

    Accessing spark plugs on driver side

    It it any easier to access the plugs from underneath the car for the plugs? I have meat hooks for hands and other than the 1st and 3rd plug from the front these are a bear for me to get to. Thanks for the tips. Its a 383 fyi.
  5. Cags70PolaraConvert

    No power to start - what to look at next???

    I haven't been on the site in a while and I hope everyone is well. Running into the following problem. When I first put key into ignition I have power to inside the car. Radio, door buzzer. I turn key to start and I get a loud click and lose all power. After a few minutes power does come...
  6. Cags70PolaraConvert

    Power to radio

    goes out when I step on the gas pedal. Even when in park, at idle all is good. When I give her gas the radio goes out. Any thoughts.
  7. Cags70PolaraConvert

    Slow starting when hot

    So I finally took a good drive with the car today since having the ecu and distributor setup installed that I purchased from mancini racing. The car ran great. smooth. More than happy. When cold she started at the turn of the key. After driving though for about 20 miles and a quick 5...
  8. Cags70PolaraConvert

    side marker bulb in bumper on 1970 dodge polara

    Can anybody out there tell me how I get to the socket and bulb on this car? I thought it would be easy. Do I just take the lense out? It seemed like it was in there pretty good so I didnt want to force it. Also where can I get a new minature socket and bulb to fit this? The one I have\had...