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  1. Hansson72

    Introduction of MrsFury

    Välkommen.....från Skåne!
  2. Hansson72

    Introduction of 300 sweden

    Welcome from .... Sweden. Alltid trevligt med lite svenskar... Posta gärna bilder så vi får se åket när du kan..
  3. Hansson72

    Introduction of Zwap from Sweden

    Thats great! To which location in Sweden do send stuff and how does it work?
  4. Hansson72

    Introduction of Zwap from Sweden

    Välkommen från Skåne också... I was just about to write... "dont forget to mark your location on the map" but i couldn't find the map. Has the map dissapeared?
  5. Hansson72

    Introduction of mike from sweden

  6. Hansson72

    New member with 1969 300

    Welcome from Sweden. I would realy like to see your car...
  7. Hansson72

    New to C-Bodies

    Welcome...Looks like a nice car to me.
  8. Hansson72

    Greetings from Warsaw, Poland

    Welcome.... I live in Sweden and I have imported 3 cars from US and 1 from Holland. I have bought these cars from only looking at pictures. And of course its a big risk that you have to be aware of. What you see on the pictures is usaly the best things on the car. Bondo and other quick&dirty fix...
  9. Hansson72

    Hello from the Netherlands

    Looks like a realy nice car. I have been a member for a month and it's a great forum with a lot of good stuff to read. Welcome!
  10. Hansson72

    New meber with a 1971 Chrysler 300

    Ah, not a hydrokopter. a gyrokopter...
  11. Hansson72

    New meber with a 1971 Chrysler 300

    There is a small landing field, so small planes and hydrocopter can land... How nice isnt that???
  12. Hansson72

    New meber with a 1971 Chrysler 300

    The last 300 convertible i saw was the one in the background of the pictures. I rembered it as bright yellow but its white in the pictures. We have a lot of them here. You would be surprised over how many old american cars we have here. A normal tuesday in summer we have a local motormeeting in...
  13. Hansson72

    New meber with a 1971 Chrysler 300

    Thanks everybody! I hear what you say about the white top and you are probably right, I'l keep the top white but I'l never change the interior. With two kids with icecream and chocolatebars it's very handy with black vinyl. To Carsten: yes i will go to Falkenberg and Powermeet in Västerås next...
  14. Hansson72

    New meber with a 1971 Chrysler 300

    Thanks! But the interior will stay in black cause it's very good looking and I like black better, gives a more cosy feeling.
  15. Hansson72

    New meber with a 1971 Chrysler 300

    Hi Guys! My name is Ola and Im new to this forum but I have checked it out a lot during the last months. The reason is that during the spring I saw a nice 1971 chrysler 300 with sunroof on ebay. And when searching the net about the car i found som information of it on this forum. At that time...