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  1. Cags70PolaraConvert

    Found Passenger side hood hinge for 1970 Dodge polara convertible

    starting my search for a passenger side hood hinge for a 1970 dodge polara convertible.
  2. Cags70PolaraConvert

    WANTED Trunk hinge bracket for 70 Polara convertible

    Starting the search, will know which side I need tomorrow when I go see the car.
  3. Cags70PolaraConvert

    WANTED Front Valance\lower bumper for 70 polara

    Looking for a 70 polara front valance\lower bumper. Mine is toast and the one coming off the WA car isn't good either. Thank you.
  4. Cags70PolaraConvert

    WANTED 1970 Polara trunk floor pan

    Went to some shops yesterday to get quotes for work on my polara and figured I would start seeing what I could source for parts myself before I commit to a shop. Looking for trunk floor pans that fit a 1970 polara convertible. Also need to look for rear wheel wells for both sides. Thank you...
  5. Cags70PolaraConvert

    WANTED 1970 Polara Front Grille

    Looking for front grille for my 70 polara. I am located in Long Island, NY. Thanks.
  6. Cags70PolaraConvert

    WANTED 1970 polara convertible interior rear panels

    Any chance of finding these? Speaker holes split the ones I have