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  1. Hansson72

    Lost trunk key to -71 300, advice wanted

    Made a second post by mistake..... check the other post.....
  2. Hansson72

    Lost trunk key to -71 300, advise wanted

    I have lost my keys to the trunk on my 1971 300. When i bought the car a couple of years ago i had an extra set of spare keys made. But the new trunk key didn't work and I thougt well well i will fix that some day. That "some day" never came I have now lost the orginal trunk key. To make it...
  3. Hansson72

    1971 Chrysler 300 with rust problem

    I bought this car a month ago and i am very satisfied with the purchase. The car is in a mechanical excellent condition but i have discovered that it has some rust issues. There is some old repairs on the floor that looks to have been done by an very angry blind blacksmith. Well well,the floor...