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  1. Cags70PolaraConvert

    70 Polara rear taillight refurbishments

    So after a long summer of house projects and not being able to touch the polara since I got her back from the body shop it is time to start putting her back together. Time is still scarce but I am starting from the back forward, so any suggestions for refurbishments on the taillight housings...
  2. Cags70PolaraConvert

    Should I have fabricated or can I get this section alone?

    So as the project know as my 70 polara convertible starts up again after some delays I am faced with having this section of rot repaired. My question is should I just have my guy to the repairs by fabricating it or can I easily get this section from somewhere that would work?
  3. Cags70PolaraConvert

    Rear wheel wells

    are these interchangeable similar to the trunk floors? Would rear wheel wells from one 70 c body fit another? Thanks for any advice.
  4. Cags70PolaraConvert

    Wiper bottle for a 1970 Polara

    I know that these are impossible to come by so what is there some sort of "substitute" that has been used by anyone? I guess the bottle in my car was shot before I bought it because it has a kitty litter bottle strapped to the firewall with the hole cut in the bottom for the pump. I'm tired of...