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  1. Cags70PolaraConvert

    Rocker arm play

    So last week was battery terminal and getting her started, which has been done. :) One pump of the pedal and turn the key and she is running. Problems now are: 1) Loud tick from the under the driver side valve cover 2) although she idles nicely when I step on the gas she dies out. I took...
  2. Cags70PolaraConvert

    Rear wheels not even

    Had new wheels and tires put on the car recently and noticed that the wheels don't seem to be evenly located in the wheel wells on each side. On the drivers side there is barely enough room to get my fingers inbetween the tire and the front of the wheel well while on the passenger side there is...
  3. Cags70PolaraConvert

    Anybody want to diagnoss the problem???

    So after being a bad owner and not starting my car over the winter I got her started back in April and took the car to my mechanic. The car started but I could not hit the gas pedal without her stalling. I wanted a few upgrades and had him install a weiland 4bbl intake manifold and edelbrock...