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  1. Cags70PolaraConvert

    70 Polara vert rebuild status

    Well here are a couple of pictures of where the car stands today. Looks more like the donor car at this point than the one being saved.
  2. Cags70PolaraConvert

    70 Polara convertible rear wheel well question

    what are the differences between the rear wheel wells of a convertible vs a 2 door coupe? My bodyshop guy is saying my convertible has an additional piece that the coupe donor car didn't have. And of course the pieces in my car are rotted away. Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. Cags70PolaraConvert

    Convertible top slow to raise

    So a few months ago I had a new top installed. After letting it stretch as recommended and now that we have experienced some warmer weather I have taken the top down a few times, which goes without issue. But the top now raises quite slowly, struggling, which it didn't do before the new top...
  4. Cags70PolaraConvert

    Do I need to let my new top stretch?

    Just got my car back with its new convertible top and had the door panels redone. I will post pictures next weekend. Do I need to let the top stretch a few weeks before I operate the top? Is there anything I should be putting on the top to help the process or protect the new top? I was...
  5. Cags70PolaraConvert

    Fuel line path

    Can anyone post a picture or tell me the proper path for the fuel line to follow. I have a 383 with edelbrock 4 bbl carb. The fuel inlet is on the passenger side of the carb. Currently the fuel line is coming up from the fuel pump, up behind the alternator and water pump, then heads toward...
  6. Cags70PolaraConvert


    Getting ready to get my seats and interior redone on my convertible, anybody care to share some pics of their interiors so I might get some ideas on mixing\matching colors? My plan is for a dark blue and light blue vinyl combination. When I purchased my car it had a cloth material that has...
  7. Cags70PolaraConvert

    Convertible top hydraulic line connection concerns

    I replaced the hydraulic lines in my 70 polara yesterday and I thought I followed what was done previously but when I look at it I have my concerns. Should both lines that come out of the back of the motor go to the tops of each cylinder or should one line go to the top of one cylinder and then...
  8. Cags70PolaraConvert

    bulb socket on 1970 Polara

    Can anybody out there tell me how I get to the socket and bulb on this car? I thought it would be easy. Do I just take the lense out? It seemed like it was in there pretty good so I didnt want to force it. Also where can I get a new minature socket and bulb to fit this? The one I have\had rusted...